Rocks & Trees of the Frederick Watershed

The Overlook
Tree at the Overlook
Rocks West of the Overlook
Rocks & Leaves
Stone House at Lookout Tower
Neon Mushroom
"China Cap" Mushroom
Autumn Colors
Maple Trunk
Snowy Trunks
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My favorite spot in the world is the Frederick City Watershed in Frederick County, Maryland.  For the nearly 20 years I have lived in Frederick County, the watershed has been my sanctuary - a refuge from the stress of the work-a-day world, a source of beauty, and of solitude.

In these photos, I would like to display some of the images I have captured while on hikes and bike rides in the watershed, and attempt to share with you some of the special essence of this place.

Copyright 2005 Matthew Grose all rights reserved

Remember to respect wild places.  Too few such havens remain.

all images copyright Matthew Grose, all rights reserved