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Tomalco D&RGW 6000 Series Flatcar

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Tomalco D&RGW 6000 Series Flatcar
This was my first attempt at a craftsman kit and I also used the opportunity for a little scratchbuilding experience.  As mentioned before, this kit was an old kit picked up in a grab bag on E-bay and may not accurately reflect the current version distributed by Tomalco/Trout Creek Engineering. 
The drawings in the Tomalco kit are very detailed.  The kit consists of stripwood, Grandt line detail parts and misc brass hardware.  One thing missing from the kit are the clevis pins and fittings for the underframe(brake line) details.  I chose to scratchbuild those out of styrene and Squadron Green Putty. 


All in all I'd say the effort was a success.  I did learn several things though:
  • Install your couplers early.  I chose to wait until the end (I didn't have a height gauge  when I started) and that made the job that much more difficult.  This kit is designed for proper operation and prototypical appearence.  Install your couplers in the endbeam and make final adjustment with shims and washers when the kit is complete- It will be really close at that point.
  • I tried several different trucks on this model, based on what I had on hand and found a wide degree of operability.  For a prototype model such as this I would recommend sticking to the prototypical trucks for the model.
  • I had problems with the nylon line supplied for the truss rods.  It sagged over time- My original concern was that it would be to tight and hump the car.  That turned out not to be the case.  The line looks better than wire, I just need to fine tune the installation.
  • For aging the deck I used a dilute solution of Apple Barrel Acrylics, black and a little brown, and soaked the planking overnight.  I would let it dry a couple of days(48hrs+) before installation though- I didn't wait long enough(24hrs) and had some shrinkage after installation.
  • Lastly, the decals are ancient and need to be replaced.  Once I find a new dealer I'll fix that problem and move on to weathering.

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