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New Castle Weekly
Wednesday 27 May 1885
Their Reunion Monday - - History of the Family


Alexander McBride, Sr., came to America from Tyrone, Ireland, in 1817 *, at the age of 21 * years, and settled at Center, Mercer county, where he resided about three years, and on the 25th of May, 1820, he married Miss Mary Armstrong, daughter of David Armstrong, one of the first settlers.  They began housekeeping at center: They remained there until 1824, when they removed to Slipperyrock township, Butler county, and settled on a part of the old Armstrong homestead.  While residing there, there was born to Mr. and Mrs. M'Bride, Alexander, born in 1825; Thomas, 1828, Sarah Ann, now Mrs. Samuel B. Gill, 1830; William, 1832; Robert M., 1834; George 1837; Samuel J.., 1839.  Before their removal to Slipperyrock, David A. was born at center in 1821 and Rebecca Jane, now Mrs. Kelly, in 1823.  All of these are now living except D.A. McBride, who died in September, 1879.  On the 21st day of April, 1847, Mrs. Mcbride died, as recorded in the family Bible by Mr. McBride himself, " After living together 26 years, 10 months and 6 days in an agreeable manner. "  In June 1848, he was married to Mrs. Nancy McCarlin *, who survives him.  In 1850 he moved to New Castle and taught school in the little brick building near the Jefferson street bridge, and which still stands.  He moved to Harlansburg in 1852 and lived there until 1873, and from that time until his death, October 14, 1879, he resided with his son, Robert near Plaingrove.

David, the eldest, married Elizabeth Struthers, and five children were the fruit of this marriage.  One of these, Laura, married John VanHorn, and is now the mother of two children.  Rebecca Jane was married to Amaziah Kelly in 1845, and to these 10 children were born, one of them now being deceased.  Mary Melissa, the oldest, is married to A.M. Cornelius, of Butler, and they have 6 children.  Winfield Scott was married to a lady in Nebraska and they have one child.  John Alexander was married to Susan McCune; they have two children.  Sarah Rebecca was married to J.N. Keister in 1884.  Alexander never got married, and though 60 years of age is "willing."  Thomas McBride, of this city, was married to Lyda A. Winans, in 1856 and two children are living, Mamie, now Mrs. Beisel of Philadelphia, and William.  Sarah A. married to Samuel B. Gill, in 1850, and have five children; none are married.  William was married to Eliza Taylor, in 1866, and have three children living, Austine was married to Jennie Hutchinson, of Pittsburgh, in 1884.  Robert was married to Sarah Martin, in 1858, and have eight children living.  Cora Ida was married to William McCune in 1883, and have one child.  Nettie May was married to George Newton Clarke, on the same day and have one child.  George D., now of Gallopolis, married Annie Stevens, in 1867, and have no children living.  Samuel J. was married to Mary D. Cotton, in 1869, and have two children living.

The first reunion was held in Harlansburg at the residence of the elder McBride in 1865, and have been held each year since.  The last one was held at the residence of Robert M. McBride, and about sixty were present.  The officers elected last year were Alexander McBride, President, and Thomas McBride, Secretary.  There were present at thr reunion held at the residence of Robert McBride in Scott township, Monday, about 45 members of the family, and these enjoyed a very pleasant time talking over the days of auld lang syne.  Of course the dinner was a grand affair, and was presided over by Rev. Walker.  After dinner a business meeting was held.  This was presided over by Alexander McBride, President.  Letters of regret from George McBride, of Gallipolis, who was unable to be present was read.  Rev. Dr. Walker, a former pastor at Plaingrove, but now a resident of Butler county, made a few very appropriate remarks which were intently listened to and appreciated very highly.  It was decided to hold the next reunion in September, 1886, and that the date be fixed by the President.  The same officers were continued for another year.  The reunion will be held at the same house.  Remarks were also made by Dave T. Jonas, of the News.  A vote of thanks was tendered Dr. Walker and the News.  The meeting then adjourned and the pleasures of the day were then taken up again.  The affair was a very pleasent one throughout.



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