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Here are some pictures from the ARCI 2005 Spring QSO Party


This is the campsite as I approached it.  I had camped here before so was prepared for all the setup.  The mast was pretty much in the center of this picture, in the background.


This is what the campsite looked like after setup.  The picture is taken from the opposite side from the picture on the left.  You can see the "Ham-per" (what I call my 'camper'), mast, etc.  The site has full electrical hookup and the water hookup is right behind the Ham-per.


Here's my station inside the Ham-per.  I was using 2 K2s, one of them borrowed from N2ED, who is a world class contestor.  The other one is mine, serial # 4619.  With a nice computer and N1MM logging software, I was ready!


No camping trip is without the campfire!  This was in April in Delaware but there was a nip in the air.  With a light hood on, it was comfy cozy next to the fire.  On this night the sky was clear and the stars were out...