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April 1st, 2006: The Final Four vs. The Fantastic Four
*whew* Been awhile since I've posted here. I'm afraid my time has been taken up with freelance work, the day-job and  Husband/father duties. The big preoccupation in the Miller home (at least with my son) is the Cinderalla story of The George Mason University's Patriots making it to the Final Four. This has led to me spending more time in GMU's Student Store, standing in line to get Final Four T-shirts than I would ever imagine.
I don't mind the line-waiting, but now I'm at the age where I'm not too interested in seeing myself on the evening news. Especially when I've just rolled out of bed, jumped into the car and jockeyed into position with the rest of the crowd to buy shirts. Maybe if I had time to doll-up a little. I knew, however, that I could not evade the roving band of videographers hoping to capture this historic moment in collegiate sports.
As I write this, the Patriots are battling again on the courts. In just over an hour, I'll know whether or not I'll be standing in line to buy "Final 2" T-shirts
March 14, 2006
Well, for better or worse, this site is officially launched. I've just registered the site with some search engines. Of course, they don't guarantee their effectiveness in promoting your site. I hope to get some traffic here. Please feel free to sign the guest book. I'll be replying to all comments. Looking forward to some great discussions about comics.
David Miller
March 11, 2006
All right! Enough frettin' over the web-site! Let's talk comics!
If I've read TOM STRONG #36 correctly, Alan Moore has ended the Tom Strong series, and with it, all of the America's Best Comics characters. In this final issue of Tom Strong he ends the world.
But being Alan Moore, it's not a violent, apocalyptic end. It's a spiritual event with all questions answered (whether they want them answered or not). It is comforting, joyful and sad. All at the same time.
Since I have followed these characters for some time, I will miss them. But they received the best send-off I've ever seen in comics.
Maybe you'll pick it up and give it a go. That's Tom Strong #36.
Chris Sprouse does another excellent job drawing it. As a penciller, he's pretty damn scary.
March 9, 2006
So close. The e-commerce is almost there. Need to make a few more links. Write a little more promotional rhetoric. Then distribute a press release. For good or ill this baby is about to be unleashed onto the public. I wonder if I should just keep it under wraps ;o)
March 7, 2006
The home page is about there. I already want to redo it in flash, though. MSN's site builder is a perfectly fine tool, but different file formats (such as flash and HTML) don't interact enough. As I was trying to push the two formats together I thought "why don't I just do the whole thing in flash and import it as one big file?" I'll see how successful that will be soon enough.
March 5, 2006
The site continues to crawl toward completion. It's slow going because of everything else I've got on my plate. My managerial position in the publishing industry, freelance commercial comics work and my son's hockey tournament this weekend. Which was the highlight of the week! The whole Miller family took off to the wilds of Frederick, Maryland for 3 days of squirt-hockey. It was over all too soon.
Regarding the site, I know that there is a danger of obsessing over it for so long it will never be "ready". I'm going to get it up and running and tweak it on the fly after that. I already want to redo the front page but it will be perfectly servicable when launched as is.
March 2, 2006
As I look at my first post, I already know I'm going to get heat from my comments. I'm sure that there are going to be those that will point out that the reason the New York Comic-con was so crowded was because the show's planners kept selling tickets well past the point the show was sold out. So be it.
Anyway, I had a great day yesterday. My son has a hockey tournament this weekend and I took him to the rink to practice. I also put on some skates and got on the ice and tried to keep up with him. My son literally skated rings around me. It's my wife who's the athlete in this union (though I did compete in collegiate Karate, go figure). It was great to get out of the house and flex some muscles. I only fell down once!
February 28, 2006
First post . . . unofficially. The web-site is about half-way finished, but I felt like blogging away before I start announcing this puppy. Still need to set-up a little e-commerce to order comics from this site and set-up links to preview pages. Hmmmmm, I see that this site-builder doesn't have spell-check. I foresee many typos.
Obviously, this is a comics-centric site, so it seems appropriate to comment on the industry. The most topical thing that springs to mind is the New York Comic-con that was held this past weekend. I didn't go. I haven't been excited by conventions for awhile now and didn't see any need. Apparently, it was a smash hit! Turn-out was so good that fire marshalls had to turn people away. I can't remember the last time that's happened. Lately, Conventions have been small, almost intimate affairs. Great for individual fans. Not so good for convention planners and the industry in general. There has been a certain complacency (sp?) among the comics-buying pubic.
Like an aging pachyderm heading toward the elephant's graveyard. No one's been in any hurry.
BUT NOT THIS WEEKEND! The sleeper has awakened! It may have been a fluke. The momentum may run out. But for one brief, shining moment people were excited.
Like I said, I wasn't there. I have no first-hand knowledge of how good or sorry this con was. I'm just excited about the fans.
That's it for now.