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Standard sales contract once puppy placement has been determined, through careful discussion and interview.  I like to have this on my site for puppy homes to review, in advance.  Even if you are not getting a puppy through me, these standards are still good for you to review.  A good breeder will put in writing the critical elements of a puppy placement.

Foxwyn Purchase Agreement

The Buyer acknowledges they are buying a purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy as a companion dog. This means the purchase is governed by the guidelines of Restricted/Limited Registration. In accordance with these guidelines, the puppy may not be entered at AKC conformation shows nor used for breeding. A neutered, companion Cavalier may, however be welcomed at all CKCSC shows as well as all performance events offered by many different organizations.

Should any offspring be produced by a Cavalier purchased under the rules of this Restricted Agreement, the offspring cannot and will not be recognized or registered by the CKCSC or the AKC.

The Breeder strongly recommends that the puppy be spayed/neutered preferably between 10-12 months old. At this age, the puppies are matured both physically and mentally, and their growth plates have closed.

The Buyer agrees to take this puppy, without delay, to the veterinarian after purchase. If the vet finds a health issue with this puppy, or, if the Buyer is not happy with the puppy for other reasons, it must be returned within 2 weeks of purchase to the Breeder/Seller, Caryna Baker-Fox, at which time a full refund will be given to the Buyer.

The Buyer will notify the Breeder/Seller, Caryna Baker-Fox, of any change of address, telephone number or email address during the life of the dog so that information on important health issues pertaining to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels can be sent to the Buyer.

In the interest of protecting this Cavalier puppy for its lifetime, should unforeseen circumstances prevent the Buyer from providing adequate care for this Cavalier, or should it become necessary for an alternative home to be found, the Buyer agrees to return the dog to the Breeder/Seller, Caryna Baker-Fox, who will be given the right to become the custodian of the dog with the right to offer a home here at Foxwyn, or to approve any proposed new owner. The dog will be returned to the Breeder without financial obligation to either party.

The Buyer agrees not to turn the dog over to Cavalier Rescue or any Animal Shelter, Control, Rescue or Adoption Agency. It is also understood that the Buyer cannot resell this Cavalier, nor can it be given away to any person or organization without first offering it to the Breeder, Caryna Baker-Fox, at no charge to the Breeder.

Regarding Health: This dog has been examined by a licensed Veterinarian. A Well Puppy Certificate is included in your puppy packet. To the Breeder’s knowledge, this puppy is healthy and disease-free. It has been vaccinated against distemper, parvovirus, adenovirus type 2 and Para influenza and has been dewormed.

The puppy packet also contains health records for both parents of the puppy, as well as a copy of the parent‘s pedigree. Prior to breeding, both parents were examined for heart disease, eye anomalies, hip displasia and patella luxation by an accredited Cardiologist, Ophthalmologist, and by the Orthopedic Foundation for animals. The Breeder states that at the time of purchase, the mother (and father, if owned by the Breeder) is symptomless for back problems, epilepsy, autoimmune disease and syringomyelia. These measures are the best a responsible breeder can provide to assure the health of the puppy. The Buyer understands that the procedures, as specified above, offer the best possible foundation for the puppy’s physical health, but, that they cannot constitute an absolute guarantee.

The Buyer will never permit the Cavalier to run off-lead outdoors, unless there is a surrounding fence to ensure the dog’s safety.

The Breeder urges the Buyer to crate the Cavalier when left unsupervised or to confine it in a safe, secure room without electrical wiring or other dangers.

The Buyer will make every effort to keep the dog in good physical condition. To prevent overweight, the Buyer will be careful to maintain a regimen of proper exercise and sensible diet.

The Buyer agrees to allow a Veterinarian to vaccinate the dog with only a single vaccine per visit. It is not advisable to augment one serum with another, while it is advisable for the owner to be able to observe the effects of the single vaccination.

The Buyer agrees to vaccinate the puppy against Distemper/Parvo at 15 weeks, and then again at 1 year of age.

Except for the first rabies vaccination at 5-6 months old, and then again a year later, the Buyer agrees to have the dog given rabies vaccinations not more than once every three years, or as required by State law.

The Breeder recommends that the Buyer purchase health care insurance for the puppy for at least 2 years.

The Buyer will microchip their puppy between 6 and 12 months of age, and maintain proper microchip registration for the lifetime of the dog.

The Buyer may not change the registered name of this puppy, at any time.

Unless the guidelines of this Purchase agreement are disregarded, this Cavalier should live a long, healthy, joyful life. However, regardless of how conscientious and knowledgeable a Breeder maybe, it is not possible to be privy to the secrets that govern Nature’s genetic codes. Despite our persevering, diligent and ongoing efforts to eliminate completely the heart disease that is currently a problem within the breed, buyers must understand that, at some point in their lives, their Cavalier may acquire a heart murmur. Happily for us and for our dogs, carefully bred, otherwise healthy and well-maintained Cavaliers, are generally able to enjoy long, happy lives despite the murmur.

The Buyer understands that the provisions of this Agreement are devised solely on behalf and for the welfare of the dog. They do not benefit the Breeder except to give her the assurance that her carefully and lovingly bred puppy will be given appropriate, essential care and guidance in its new home. The Breeder believes this document should provide assurance as well to the Buyer as to the care with which their wonderful new puppy has been bred, raised and cared for, before it leaves Foxwyn.

The Buyer and the Breeder/Seller, with their signatures on this contract, accept all obligations as specified above.

Registered/Call Name of Puppy: _________________________________________

Registered Name of Parents: ______________________X______________________

Gender/Color/Birth Date: Male/Female/ _________________/ _______________

Purchase Amount/Payment Type: _____________________/___________________

Buyer Signature Date

________________________________ ___________

Buyer Mailing Address, Phone Number and Email Address:

________________________________ Phone: (___)____________

_________________________________ Email:________________


Breeder/Seller Signature Date

__________________________________ ____________