Ghanaian Akan Names

Akan is a language mostly spoken in southern Ghana. In Akan one of the names a person is given depends on his or her day of the week of birth, and the person's gender. Consequently there are only fourteen of these Akan names. You can use the following calculator to figure out the day of the week on which you were born. After you figure out your weekday of the birth you can use the following table to hear them spoken.
The Fetu Afehya Festival in Cape Coast, Ghana, 1991.

When were you born?

Day of the Week Male Female
Sunday Kwesi Esi
Monday Kwodwo Adwoa
Tuesday Kobena Abena
Wednesday Kweku Ekua
Thursday Yaw Yaa
Friday Kofi Efua
Saturday Kwame Ama

Special thanks goes to Jon Cardozo and Kweku Osam and the Department of Linguistics, University of Oregon for the Akan name sounds.

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