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Name: John Beauregard
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Rural Delivery 3, Whangarei, New Zealand
Time: 1998-01-29 04:51:00
Comments: Kia ora from Aotearoa! Just stumbled onto your page. Nice one. When my group was in training (deep in the jungles of upper west side Manhattan) they had a policy of not telling us where we were going to be posted until we actually arrived in Ghana. The thought-masters thought (rightly) that if any one of us found out where we were going to be posted that s/he would bail out. (If I knew I was going to be posted to Accra I'm very certain I would not have gone.) However, the simile among us trainees was that Navrongo was the absolute end of the line. Navrongo-as-Purgatory-on-Earth. You couldn't do worse than that. Little did we know! That wise old thought-meister was Gene Ashby who, I'm certain, went on to greater things. He was the director of training for our group in the green pastures of Columbia University. The year was 1966.

The Peace Corps of the 1960s was probably considerably different from what I imagine it to be nowadays. We did three months as pcTs----"Don't sell your house or car yet, you're *only* peace corps Trainees." "What house?" we said, "and anyway the bank owns the car." "De-selection" was the dirtiest word in our vocabulary. Worse even than "Navrongo". We knew that attrition rates during training could be very high. Sometimes as high as 75%. We learned excellent team skills during training---protecting the vulnerable, ganging up on the thought-masters, etc. (There are some very long stories enshrouded in that one tiny "etc".) We started with about 75 and only lost three involuntarily. Come to think of it, that was a stunning achievement.

We were given wide-ranging psych tests. I'm certain they were searching out those of us who might have had a closet penchant for young boys. We owe a hell of a debt to Gene Ashby, and to Jim Marvin. Jim was a fellow pcT. One of the shrink tests they gave us was called the MMPI, a very long multiple choice affair. Prior to us taking the test Jim gave us all a little private tuition: never lie (because there are hidden questions that check for consistency of response), but never ever admit to stomach trouble of any kind. We all came out with nice flat graphs: we were normal! Uh-huh. The thought-meisters never twigged that Jim had gone to the University of Minnesota and that he had had a vacation job grading other people's Minnesota Multi-Phasic Personality Inventories=MMPI. To this day I have never ever admitted to any stomach trouble. Look where it's gotten me! Thanks, Jim.

They didn't tell us where we were going to be posted until we arrived in Accra. Gary Johnson drew the Navrongo short straw and we all commiserated with him. But somebody (I think it was Jan Ems) got posted to Lawra. "Jesus, where's that? Oh shit, you have to go to Navrongo first just to get to Lawra." Is my geography right? Gets a bit hazy after 30 years. But Larry Wolfson and Gayle Weller actually got sent to Bawku. When I saw Gayle after he had been in Bawku for a year he told me that his predecessor told him he was standing by the window of his classroom one day and a guy stumbled out of the bush onto the school soccer field with an arrow sticking out of his back!

I expect these days that even the wars fought for territory in isolated places like northern Ghana use heavy weaponry. I was disgusted to discover recently that the biggest arms dealing country is not Switzerland but the United States. I've lived in New Zealand for over 25 years and it's times like this that I do not regret moving here.

I came to love the north. I spent all my school vacations (I was a teacher in a tiny village in Brong Ahafo called Acherensua) in Burkina Faso aka Upper Volta, Niger and Mali. I would go back in a flash (but never to Accra), and am intending to do so when I retire. What's the current Peace Corps policy on recruiting older volunteers?

Thanks for the reveries.

Byebye Safe Journey from:

John Beauregard, Ghana 1966-1968
29 January 1998

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Time: 1998-01-23 15:47:00

Name: Steven R. Green
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: The Population Council in NYC
Time: 1998-01-22 20:25:00
Comments: I will be conducting some research in Navrongo and in Cape Coast over the next two years. Do you have any contacts in the Cape Coast vicinity?

Name: Christian D. Jackson
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Providence, Rhode Island
Time: 1998-01-19 03:34:00
Comments: Congratulations for a job well done. I had the priviledge of visiting other web sites, but yours was captivating and inspiring. I hope one day to walk in your foot steps and do likewise.
Keep up the good work and I will be visiting you more often.

Name: Carmen Gabriel Avle
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Kumasi, Ghana
Time: 1998-01-14 14:11:00
Comments: I think the authors of this webpage deserve maximum praise for their excellent efforts in bringing Navrongo and Lawra, not only to the rest of the world, but, to people like me who live in this country (Ghana) but have never had the opportunity of visiting the towns. You can be sure I'll be trooping over there in the near future.

Name: Violet Baffour
Referred by: From LinkExchange
From: Ghana, West Africa
Time: 1998-01-10 18:14:00
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Name: Stephen D. Ofori
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Originally from Ghana
Time: 1998-01-08 20:24:00
Comments: I took a quick tour through most of the articles and it was worth the time spent. I congratulate all those who spent their valuable time to enlighten mankind. Truely Lawra and Navrongo do have a place in world history and culture.


Name: Afua Adukwe Sager
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Chicago, IL
Time: 1998-01-06 01:53:00
Comments: Your web site is wonderful! I lived in Ghana for one month and traveled north to Mole and drove back down to Accra stopping at different sites along the way. Ghana is a beautiful country. The food is delicious and the people are so gracious.... I can't wait to return!

Name: Edward Hansan
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From: Ghana
Time: 1998-01-03 21:28:00
Comments: I just send an e-mail

Website: -
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Time: 1997-12-28 15:52:00
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Name: David Brewin
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Stockport (Nr Manchester England)
Time: 1997-12-26 22:22:00
Comments: All this talk about Star beer by other "guests" - it's not Star beer I miss, I haven't had a calabash of lukewarm pito since 1968, when I was a VSO volunteer teaching at Notre Dame Secondary school. I'll have to visit your site again soon to look in more detail, but (as a relative newcomer to the net) it's amazing to find a picture of the Cathedral on my PC at home. An excellently presented site, all power to your elbow!

Name: Jeff Delves
Referred by: Net Search
From: Hadleigh, Suffolk, England.
Time: 1997-12-18 00:46:00
Comments: Much enjoyed the fantastic Navrongo Website. I was a British contract teacher (chemistry) at Navasco 1967-1971, so the Navrongo pages brought back many happy memories. I recall a number of PCVs at Navasco while I was there - John Miazga (of Pueblo, Colorado) - a great biology teacher, Harry Malakoff (of NY), Eli (?, of Boston) & a number of others - they were great people.

I remember bringing sacks of sugar & dried yeast back from the south in my Land Rover for Kwesi, my cook, to make akpeteshie (spelling?) in his compound. Also remember a very fine young man Stanislaus Kaditi, who I believe later trained to be a teacher.

Ah, those were the days - when there were plenty of crates of Club & Star to stack into the kerosene-run fridges, & we would sit on the verandah of the bungalow of an evening watching an approaching storm, smelling the rain before it fell, and the mad rush to close the windows when the storm finally broke.

Would much like to get in touch again with my old Navasco friends - I have taken early retirement from teaching, so plenty of time to chat!

Name: Cletus Kugbila
Website: Loughborough University, UK
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Navrongo
Time: 1997-12-17 15:01:00
Comments: I real appreciate your effort in getting Navrongo onto the web. Furthermore , the information given about the town is very relevant to people like us who have little knowledge about the culture we have been born into. Could you tell me exactly where you are located in Navrongo? I am very interested since this could help me send important messages to my family at home. Thank you and more grease to your elbow. May God bless you with the necessary health to enable you continue the marvellous work. Happy X'mas and I hope to hear from you soon.I am a student at the Loughborough Universtity.

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Time: 1997-12-14 05:48:00
Comments: Well, I have no comments right now. Thank you.

Name: Hank & Rose Koskamp
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: Ripley, Ontario, Canada
Time: 1997-12-06 21:05:00
Comments: We are farming on the shores of Lake Huron, We offer a guesthouse/cottage to all Ghanaians or friends of Ghana, who would like to relax . Beaches are 3 miles away, or se how we raise livestock and grow crops. Cost? just leave a donation. WE were in Upper region !974 to1982 and in Burkins Faso till 1988.email for more info.

Name: Pete Jarvis
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: same
Time: 1997-12-06 03:20:00
Comments: Whoops! Disregard all I said except that the page is great and I'll try to add!


Name: Pete Jarvis
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Boulder, CO
Time: 1997-12-06 02:58:00
Comments: Hi Carey-- I had your postcard today with much appreciation. I will make sure and contribute to the page in '98. I love that shot of the pond but it had me a little confused, and then I realized that is the pond at sunrise, not sunset. Actually what I was thinking was how, if the sun set over the pond, could the moon rise over it? I mean, there were nights I was waiting for it to rise before I would ride to Bolga. And after that of course I remembered all those mornings at the kitchen table. Picky detail sure, but in praise that is what the page does, it puts us all right back there. Salut,


Name: I. Larchie
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Ghana
Time: 1997-12-04 01:24:00
Comments: Lived studied and loved Navrongo.Your page brings all the good memories. If you take that scenic route from the main market gate towards the Post office my Auntie's special fufu bar is on the right.

Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Time: 1997-11-27 18:28:00
Comments: GREAT WORK!!! First time at your home page. Very informative. Will definitely visit again soon.

Name: Frank P.Taormina
Website: First Bible Church
Referred by: Net Search
From: Staten Island,NY,USA
Time: 1997-11-25 14:38:00
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Name: Mahmud Daud
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Tamale Ghana
Time: 1997-11-06 12:27:00
Comments: The world is really changing at jet speed. Can you imagine my surprise to accidentally fall on a web page describing a place a stone throw from my home Bawku? Thanks a million for sharing your experiences with our bros and sis all over the world. You can send me a word if you want me to check something for you.

Name: Carol Ralbag
Website: Historical Gilbertsville
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Gilbertsville, New York
Time: 1997-11-04 16:31:00
Comments: Great website. I have been looking for info on Ashanti for my daughter's social studies report. I'm so impressed with this one, I'll have to let the teacher know so she can surf on over here with the class.

Name: arthur dorr
Referred by: Net Search
From: Brussels
Time: 1997-11-02 12:56:00
Comments: Outstandlingly good website well done.

Name: Jane
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Jakarta-Indonesia
Time: 1997-10-26 01:20:00
Comments: I think your Guest Book is very good

Name: Clayton Brander
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: Green Bay, WI
Time: 1997-10-16 13:23:00
Comments: I was a volunteer from 95-97 in Navrongo and loved it! I would recommend it to anyone. If anyone is there or on their way, be sure to drink about eight STAR beers for me, that's something you just can't get over here in the states.

Name: john harrison
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Newcastle
Time: 1997-10-11 07:59:00
Comments: Just got back from working at St Francis Xavier WA UWR ,very happy to find this site.Have been to Lawra and Navrongo many times and this site offers an excellent insite in to the two areas physical environment and socio-economic situation Thanks alot John

Name: Mark Yeboah Achiampong
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Ghana. Studying in Singapore
Time: 1997-10-10 20:12:00
Comments: I appreciate the way you publicize Ghanaian towns and basic culture on the net. Here in Singapore where relatively little is known about Africa let alone Ghana it pays to know that I can bring friends to my country and culture and even visit some towns through your web page. Thanx a lot and keep up your good work who are you are.

Name: Doug, Felicia and Kathy
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Kandiga, Bolga and Accra
Time: 1997-10-02 04:54:00
Comments: Wow. Amazing how much the world changes after a few short months and years in the bush. We are PCVs (Doug and Felicia) and RPCV-Tanzania (Kathy) living in Ghana. Doug is ready to update and provide you with any and all tree nursery needs. Felicia is your Bolgatanga Basket connection...selling beautiful handwoven baskets direct from the women of villages surrounding Bolga and Navrongo. Kathy is our gracious host in Accra, whose computer is now our window to the world. We love her. Enjoyed seeing our neighborhood on the web!

Name: Oronde' D. Chandler
Website: Howard University
Referred by: Net Search
From: New Jersey
Time: 1997-09-19 19:43:00
Comments: Please keep me updated on any new and interesting facts. I am truly gald that I found this site and will be back to visit frequently!

Referred by: Net Search
From: Houston, Texas U.S.A.
Time: 1997-09-16 23:53:00

Name: louis youri
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Nandom Ghana
Time: 1997-09-12 15:22:00
Comments: It's interesting to see you page, excellent work. I am from Nandom 15 miles north of Lawra and I am now studying at srathclyde university in Scotland for an MSc and it a good sensation to read about Lawra and Navronga. I have lived in Bolbatanga for 4 years so I have a good knowledge of the culture of both comunities. It' a shame however that no natives have signed the guest book. Keep up the good work!!!

Name: eulalie
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Ghana and Togo (a parent from each)
Time: 1997-09-10 23:31:00
Comments: I am generally impressed to meet people who have travelled outside the US specifically to places in Africa, where the conditions of living ar equite different and sometimes, rather harsh, but nonetheless interesting. I like to get an honest opinion about their experiences and expectations etc.

I hope you enjoyed your trip. i have visted the North of Ghana myself all the way up to BOlga in the NE and Wa in th NW, THe land is stark and yet rather beautiful in an intriguing sort of way.

I plan to make another trip with my family, when I visit Ghana soon with my American friends.

Name: sistah sylvia
Website: sistah
Referred by: Net Search
From: united states of america
Time: 1997-09-09 15:54:00
Comments: i us to see a man that's from ghana and i wanted to know more about were he came from being we are from different places and i cannot speak his tongue but he can speak english this is why i came to this page

Name: Charles Brown
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Austin, Texas, USA
Time: 1997-09-01 14:59:00
Comments: GREETINGS!I found this website the most informative of all Ghanian websites. I am an undergrad at the Univ. of Texas and soon I will be for a year studying at the University of Ghana. The Kobinah Festival sounds so interesting, that I may skip a few classes, and head on over to Lawra. Thanks for the information, and congrats on such a well designed webpage!!

Name: Mark Brungs
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: u.s.a.
Time: 1997-08-26 21:30:00
Comments: I lived in Tongo in the Upper East during two years in the Peace Corps. I recommend Peace Corps or any other Volunteer Organization that emphasizes living on the same economic level of the people in the host country so that you learn what their life is really like. Later.

I've many familar PCV name and e-mailed them all!!!

Name: Sally White
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Winchester, MA USA
Time: 1997-08-06 08:09:00
Comments: I'm in the process of developing a mini-unit on Ghana for use with several multiage classes of first and second graders. I am interested in comparing a community in Ghana with Winchester, MA, the town in which I teach. I would also be interested in establishing an e-mail pen pal connection with Ghanian children of similar ages.

Name: ecua s.
Website: Black Health
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Guyana.Living in the US
Time: 1997-07-30 22:37:00
Comments: great job! I plan to do a lot of travelling when money decides to fall out of the sky straight into my poor lap. I do not want to visit tourists sites. I would like to live with my people in a small unknown village for about a year.

Africans all over the diaspora can write me @ my e-mail address. I want to link (like the world wide web) to my people. peace!!!!!!!!!

Name: Patty and Ed Wormald
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Sterling, VA but just moved to Frederick, MD
Time: 1997-07-30 13:07:00
Comments: Loved it all. We're just surfing while at the beach on our brother-in-law's computer. After being in the bush for awhile, this is absolutely mind-blowing! Thanks again. Patty and Ed and 3 kids

Name: Maile Wietecha
Referred by: Peace Corps HomePage
From: Hawaii
Time: 1997-07-27 16:39:00
Comments: This is all so new to me. I just wanted to see how other poeple have enjoyed the peace crops beacuase I am thinking about singing up. Thanks for all the info and keep up the good work

Name: Wilma Smith
Referred by: Net Search
From: Chicago
Time: 1997-07-25 07:40:00
Comments: Thse pages are great, very informative. We have begun a research project for our family, after returning from Senegal in May.

We are planning a return trip in February '98 and are looking foward to spending some time in Ghana also and this home page has given us a lot of tips.

Thanks for the page.

Wilma Smith & Deborah Miller

Name: David Moore
Website: Computer Grafx
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Cleveland, Ohio
Time: 1997-07-16 06:19:00
Comments: Very nice website!! I loved it. I will be visiting Ghana in the last week of July,1997. I really wish there was a way for me to visit one of the villages of your website...

Name: kenjiro maeda
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: japan
Time: 1997-07-13 19:03:00
Comments: I`m fain to vist your Home page.