The Ghana Cafe Menu
2465 18th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009-2003
Tel: 202 387 3845
Fax: (202) 387 8890
Open: Seven Days a Week

The Ghana Cafe serves authentic African food every day. All the items below are moderately priced. People are welcome to dine in their restaurant or take it with them. You can "click" on the images below to enlarge the image. Here's a link to their website.

Main Dishes

Jollof Rice

Ghanaian-style rice cooked in spicy tomato sauce. Ideal for vegetarians.

Kenkey ("Komi")

Fermented corn prepared similar to, but harder than Banku. Normally, kenkey or "komi" is served with fried fish, okra or spinach sauce or "shito" (house-made spicy black pepper sauce). Also an ideal choice for vegetarians.

Sampler/Chef's Choice

The chef's choice for your delight. Selection include JOLLOF RICE - Ghanaian-style rice cooked in spicy tomato sauce and vegetables & WAKYE - Rice and beans cooked with Ghanaian spices; Served with stew of your choice - beef, chicken, fish or goat. Also a popular choice among vegetarians served with spinach.

Omo Tuo

Mashed rice formed into balls. Served with groundnut soup (or "Nkatekwan"). Choice of fish, beef, goat or chicken.


Prepared from plantain, yam or cassava. Served with choice of soup (beef, goat, chicken or fish). Favorite dish of most Ghanaians.

"Red Red"

Fried plantain and baked beans stew. Very popular for lunch, especially among office workers. If you are "unbeanz," (i.e. unemployed) you can survive on this meal. Also served with fried ripe plantain (popularly known as "koko"). An ideal choice for vegetarians.

Other Main Dishes Include:

  • Banku: (fermented corn made into small balls) Served with choice of soup/okra sauce/stew or tomato and pepper sauce

  • Rice: Served with stew of your choice: spinach, beef, chicken, fish or goat sauce. Can be vegetarian choice.

  • Wakye: Rice and beans cooked with Ghanaian spices, served with stew of your choice. Vegetarian choice.

  • Yam "Ampesie": Boiled yam or green plantain. Served with stew. Seasonal and available upon request.

Side Dishes


Take a stroll under the moonlight with the Ghanaian-spiced diced fried soft plantain. Good substitute for dessert. Vegetarians will love this dish.

Other Side Dishes Include:

  • Fried Plantain: Popularly known as "koko" is a fried ripe plantain. Try this with rice, Wakye or "Red Red." Vegetarian choice.

  • Ghanaian Salad: Fresh cut lettuce with soft mixed vegetables. Served with imported salad dressing. Excellent choice for vegetarians.

  • Khebad: Cubes of beef "spiced" and skewed with vegetables.

  • Chicken Wings: House baked chicken wings.

  • Shito: House-made spicy black pepper sauce (ingredients include dried shrimp).

  • Soup: (Soup of the Day) Light/Pepper soup, Palm Nut Soup, Peanut Soup, Okra Soup. Choice of chicken, fish, beef or goat meat or any combination of your choice.

  • Stew: Spinach cooked with chicken, beef, fish or goat meat. Okra sauce or egusi. Vegetarian choice.

  • Krakuro: Mashed soft plantains mixed with Ghanaian spices. Vegetarian choice.

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