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The following page is intended to inform readers how they can help communities like Navrongo and Lawra. Please drop us a line if you know of another way to help these communities.


TRAX is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ghana. TRAX's objectives are to:

  • Facilitating the expansion and dissemination of soil and water conservation concepts, with the aim of reducing further environmental deterioration and assisting rural communities in the creation of a process whereby sustainable production can be maintained through low external input agriculture.

  • Providing training opportunities for other non-governmental/governmental organization workers and other individuals in soil and water conservation to facilitate the spread of soil and water conservation techniques.

  • Providing access to development and educational materials including books, journals, and studies at its Resource Center to offer office and audio-visual equipment for use by community development workers

  • Providing assistance to identify income generating activities to help community development

  • Transferring and dissemination of relevant skills and techniques to individuals and groups and the promotion of institutions and groups within the communities with whom we work to enable them to continue after withdrawal by TRAX.

If you are interested in working with TRAX or finding out more information the please write to them at: TRAX Program Support; P.O. Box 230; Bolgatanga, UE/R; Ghana, West Africa.


DERF NETWORKS constitute a group of engineers, rural community development workers, and marketing officers who offer the following services:

  • Design and construct buildings,
  • Rehabilitate and make alterations on existing structures to meet client's repair,
  • Effective cost saving roof and cracked building structures repair,
  • Supply office and soft furniture for dwelling homes,
  • Repair rural structures with local materials,
  • Construct dugouts for dry season farming and watering of animals in rural communities,
  • Assist communities in crop selection and marketing, and
  • Assist development proposals for funding rural community projects.

If you are interested in working with TRAX or finding out more information the please write to them at: DERF NETWORKS; P.O. Box 169; Navrongo, UE/R; Ghana, West Africa.

Nazifat and Mohammed Productions

Nazifat and Mohammed operate a small shop in Navrongo. They are interested in establishing links to foreign markets for Ghanaian artifacts and goods (e.g., Batik postcards). If you are interested then please write to them at: Nazifat and Mohammed; P.O. Box 119; Navrongo, UE/R; Ghana, West Africa.

Ghanaians and Americans Joined for Development Aid

Ghanaians and Americans Joined for Development Aid, Inc. (GAJDA), formerly St. Margaret Shelter Care, is an independent non- profit organization founded by a number of expatriates of the West African nation of Ghana who are living in the United States. GAJDA is dedicated to assist the people of the rural Sandema District to meet a number of very critical needs, and gain increased self-sufficiency in health care, education, and economic development.

Agricultural and Rural Development Association

Agricultural and Rural Development Association is a non- profit and non- governmental organisation (NGO) geared towards the rectification of the basic environmental and agricultural problems facing rural communities in Ghana. ARA is a legal organisation under the registration No. G.306 of the Republic of Ghana. ARA works with rural folks to build a better community by increasing agricultural productivity and rural employment, opportunities to generate income, while protecting the environment.

Link Community Development - District Improvement Project

LCD is working in partnership with the Ghanaian Education Service to support their 'Whole School Development Project'. LCD is based in the Upper East Region's department office in Bolgatanga. The project will work with each of the 6 districts in the Upper East Region, and will focus on 20 primary schools in each district. The first district to become involved was Kassena-Nankani.

The project is helping schools plan their own development, attract stronger support from their communities and receive a better service from their district departments. At the same time, the project is focusing on district level planning and delivery.

In addition, LCD is hoping to twin each of the 120 primary schools in the project with a UK school. This is facilitated through LCD's sister organisation in the UK - Link Africa.

The project builds on Link's school development and district change work in South Africa, where Link has been working in educational development for 10 years. This project is an excellent opportunity for South-South learning, and exchanges between Ghanaian and South African departments of education are being organised.

For more information about Link, visit If you know of a UK school which would like to twin with a Ghanaian school, please e-mail Anna Colquhoun at Link Africa:

Sirigu Women Potters' Association (SWOPA)

Sirigu is a village in the northeastern part of Navrongo in the Kassena-Nankana Administrative District in the Upper East Region of Ghana. It is renown for its traditional arts of pottery, wall decoration, basket-weaving and mat-sewing. The women of Sirigu contributed to a large extent to the interior decoration of the Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Catholic Co-Cathedral in Navrongo in the Upper East Region, which is arguably one of the most respected cultural relics of the area. Learn more about this group and the ways in which you can help.

Operation Sirigu

Operation Sirigu was established in 1997 to offer financial, material and manual support to the Sirigu Babies’ Home of Northern Ghana. Since then we have raised over £32,000 and collected tonnes of medical supplies, baby milk, clothes, toys and many other life supporting amenities for the needy children.

Navrongo and Lawra WebPage

The Navrongo and Lawra WebPage is dedicated to helping communities around the world better understand life in these two small communities. If you are interested in participating in this project then please drop us a line.

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