Let us speak Dagaare:
Ye e ka te yele Dagaare

Written by:

Dr. A. B. Bodomo
Dept of Linguistics
University of Hong Kong

Lesson 1

Puoraa - Greetings

Bayuo: Ayuo, fo angsoma - Good morning

Ayuo: Angsomaa, fo gaao be song? - Good morning, did you sleep well?

Bayuo: Oo, O bee song [bee=be la] - Yes, I did. [i.e. the sleep was fine]

Bayuo: N koore la fo nyaao, fo yiri be la song? - It's been a long time since I saw you {long time, no see}, how's home ?

Ayuo: Oo, O be la song - Yes, home's fine.

Ayuo: Yeng la ka fo wa talla gere? - Where are you in such a hurry to?

Bayuo: N gere la ka n kpaare kpolo - I am going to get chicken feed {a normal morning duty for rural boys in Lawra}

Ayuo: N meng gere la kolaa - I am also going to fetch water (a normal morning duty for girls in Lawra)

Lesson 2

Ayoo: Fo ngmenaa - Good afternoon

Bayoo: Ngmenaa tae - Good afternoon [has the sun reached you ?]

Ayoo: Yeng la ka fo gere? Fo gere la tenge bee? - Where are you going to ? Are you travelling?

Bayoo: N gere la Gyerebaa - I am going to Jirapa

Ayoo: Fo na lee wa la zene bee? - Will you return today?

Bayoo: Ai, N na lee wa la bieu - No, I will return tomorrow.

Ayoo: Kyeng song - Safe journey.

Bayoo: Barka - Thank you

Lesson 3

Doodaa: Fo zimaane - Good evening

Pogdaa: Zie maangee - Good evening

Doodaa: Yeng la ka fo yi waana? - Where are you coming from?

Pogdaa: Ankaraa la ka n yi waana - I am coming from Accra.

Doodaa: Fo sori? - How was the journey ? {Welcome}

Pogdaa: O be la song - Fine

Lesson 4

Doozee: Pogzee, Yeng la ka fo dee wa talla gborogboro le gere ? Pogzee, where are you rushing to?

Pogzee: N wa gere ka N de loore a gaa Wa - I am on my way to catch a bus for Wa.

Doozee: Fo na kyeng song. Kye fo too wa kooro - Safe journey. But please do not keep long.

Pogzee: Too, barka, kye N kong koore. Teese lee kanga la ka N gere ka N te e - O.k., thanks, I will not keep long. I am only going to sit for a 'small exam' (In some cases Dagaaba play down on the exigency of the situation)

Doozee: Ngmen na song - May God bless [Good luck]

Pogzee: Too, puoraa be be la. - O.k. thanks.

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Last updated on March 9, 2004.