Virtual Navrongo Market

The Navrongo market is an amazing scene of thousands of people meeting, greeting, buying, and selling. Market day comes every three days for towns and villages in Ghana's Upper East Region. Navongo's market day comes the day after Bolgatanga's and a day before Sandema's market day. The following map is just a sketch of the market layout and the items for sale. In reality every bit of space is taken up by someone trying to sell something. You can explore the following imagemap to take a tour of Navrongo's market. You can also use the following index of market destinations. Our weather and environment page can also help you better understand life in Navrongo.

Navrongo Market Destinations

Unfinished Buildings Nazifat's Shop Bangles Spices Traditional Medicine Yams
Cobbler Vegetables STC Station Pito Bars
Prison View Bar P & T

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