Threefold Encounter in Northern Ghana
A short essay by Rev. Fr. J. Awia


In this little work, I have attempted to demonstrate a little bit historically and traditionally how the Muslims, the British and the Missionaries came to the present Upper and Northern Regions of Ghana.

The sort of people and kind of land to which these three different groups came has been comprehensively treated. And have honestly brought out the unfortunate harm on the culture of these areas due to the uninvited presence, forceful presence and self-imposed presence of the three groups in these areas.

For many years to come the following questions will ever be asked: the rule and achievements of the British in the North; the extent and influence of Islam in the North; and the impact of the Missionaries on the culture of the North. At present I intend this work to be a little contribution towards giving any person an idea on the answers to these questions. At present also, the British are no more in these areas but their language and influence still linger on.

The Muslim religion is an accepted factor in the area; and the Christianity brought about by the Missionaries has become an important aspect in the communities of these areas.

Despite the contributions of these groups, much still is needed to be done for the social, economic and cultural uplift of the people of these areas. For this reason I have dared to touch upon some unwanted aspects and to suggest certain measures which have already been mentioned in a general context some time ago somewhere by some economists and sociologists.

And finally this little book may help to some extent our students who are doing social studies.

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