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EJ Phillips [Nickinson] Chronology 1830-1904

1830-   Childhood in Chatham and Hamilton Canada 
1848 Amateur theatrics Hamilton, Ontario 
1852- 1859 John Nickinson  Royal Lyceum Theatre Toronto 
1855  Jan. 12 Benefit for Charlotte Nickinson, The Roll of the Drum playbill, Royal Lyceum, Toronto,  Virginia and Isabella Nickinson and Miss Phillips in this romantic French military drama. Mr. Nickinson was the drum major. 
1857  Uncle Tom's Cabin 
late 1850s , Edwin Forrest   (1806- 1872) is mentioned in EJ Phillips' New York Dramatic Mirror obituary as someone she had acted with.  We have a review from an unidentified newspaper of a performance at the Metropolitan Theatre [probably Hamilton, Ontario, Canada] of his performance in Othello where "Miss Phillips' Emelia was hardly inferior, if at all, to Iago and her last scene was striking. 
1858 Charles Alderman Nickinson born Apr. 30, Toronto - died Sept. 1859, Pittsburgh 

May 1860 Prince of Wales Theatre, Toronto Roy MacGregor
Aug. 24, 1860 Christine Harriet "Hattie" Nickinson born Toronto (died  Philadelphia, Oct. 9, 1946)
Mar 13, 1861 Arcade Hall, Lockport NY The Lady’s Duel [as performed at Wallack’s NY] JN as Baron Monrichard and EJP as the Countess D’Autreval. Concluding with a grand allegorical tableau vivant with John Nickinson as Washington.
Mar 15, 1861 Arcade Hall. Combined companies from Buffalo and Rochester. JN as Capt. Copp in Charles Second or the Merry Monarch and EJP as Lady Clara.
Mar 18, 1861 JN in his beautiful pathetic drama Napoleon’s Old Guard with EJP as Melanie
1861 March  EJ Phillips played Pauline in the Lady of Lyon to John Nickinsons' Col. Damas, 
May 1861 Metropolitan Theatre Octoroon  
Dec. 1861 Ottawa Her Majesty's Theatre Naval Engagements
c. 1862- 1865  Cincinnati 
1863 July 8 Albert Edward Nickinson born Cincinnati, Ohio (died  Pensacola, Florida, June 1948) 
Dec. 1863 EJP in Leah the Forsaken
Feb. 1864 John Nickinson dies in Cincinnati

Apr 14, 1865 EJP and Junius Brutus Booth Jr., Othello Cincinnati,
c. 1865-1870 Ben deBar, St. Louis and New Orleans 
1867 2nd day of Sept.
Indianapolis engagement commenced. 
1870 Sept 3
Children arrived in Indianapolis at 9PM on Sat. Cash account with Mr. Fay for children's board.
1871 Sept.  2nd Due Mrs. Fay children's board 

1871-1873  Lawrence Barrett Varieties Theatre, New Orleans
1873 Savannah, Lawrence Barrett as Hamlet, Willie Seymour as Osrick, EJP the Queen
Feb. 1875 Mobile Alabama with Barrett
1875 Winter in Chicago with Lawrence Barrett 
joins  FF Mackay's Chestnut St. Theatre, Philadelphia
1876  Our Boys   Caste Philadelphia  

1877- 1885 Union Square Theatre Company  AM Palmer, New York

1877 Pink Dominoes  New York
June 1878 Chicago joined Union Square Company
1878 Danicheffs  New York
1879 Banker's Daughter  New York

1880 False Friend   Two Orphans   New York
1881 Creole  New York
1881-1882 Lights of London  New York
1882 Rantzaus  New York
1883 Climbing Pike's Peak  EJP in San Francisco, Vera the Nihilist in New York City
1883-1884 STORMBEATEN  New York
1884  French Flats New York, San Francisco

1885-1891 Madison Square Theatre Company   AM Palmer, New York
1885 Prisoner for Life New York
Our Society  1885-1888   Grover Cleveland's inauguration  
Saints & Sinners 1885-1892 

1886 New York Life  1886-1889  Albert moves to Middletown    Boston    Chicago    on the train    San Francisco    Salt Lake City    Denver    Kansas City    Bartholdi Day Statue of Liberty dedicated    Engaged    Jim the Penman 1886-1892    Foregone Conclusion    Martyr 1886-1887  

1887  New York    Actor's Fund Benefit, Washington DC Grover Cleveland receives company at the White House    Hattie's wedding    Chicago Haymarket Affair    Philadelphia    Boston Sept    Fair Fame    Margery's Lovers 

1888  New York    Dr. Nagle, Jacob Riis and the NY Sun    Blizzard of '88    Boston    Jack Dolman born    Philadelphia    Chicago    on the train    San Francisco    Los Angeles    Salt Lake City    Kansas City    Captain Swift 1888-1889    Heart of Hearts    Partners

1889  New York    Albert's engagement    Centennial of Washington's Inauguration    Boston    Cleveland    Chicago    Albert and Neppie's Thanksgiving wedding

1890   New York    Gilbert & Sullivan's Gondoliers    Albert and Neppie set up housekeeping    Boston    Philadelphia    on the train    Portland    Tacoma    Seattle    San Francisco    Los Angeles    Salt Lake City    Denver    Kansas City    Chicago    Buffalo    Ted Nickinson born    Middleman    Pillars of Society    Pharisee 1890-1891    Wealth 1890-1891

1891  New York    Boston    Washington DC    Baltimore    Buffalo    Pittsburgh    Philadelphia    Elizabeth Ellen Dolman born    Esther Sandraz    Judah 

1892  New York    Sarah Bernhardt's recipe for cold prevention    Actor's Fund Fair 1892    Philadelphia    Columbus Celebration 1892    Baltimore    Hartford CT    Troy    Syracuse    Niagara Falls    London, Toronto    Buffalo    Detroit    Broken Seal    Joseph 1892-1893   

1893  Washington DC    Richmond VA    Cincinnati    Cleveland    Milwaukee Feb.    New York March    Boston    Philadelphia    Pittsburgh    Chicago and the Columbian Exposition 1893    Detroit Nov    Cleveland    St. Louis    Depression of 1893    Judge    Lady Windermere's Fan  1893-1894  

1894  Philadelphia    Montreal    Providence Rhode Island   Newport    Rochester NY    New York    Newark    Pullman Strike    Chicago    St. Louis    Pittsburg, Nov 1894    Washington DC    Baltimore    Toronto    Camille  1894-1895    Romeo & Juliet    Frou-Frou 

1895  Montreal    Providence    Chicago    Columbus    Cleveland    Detroit    Buffalo    Boston Cambridge    Philadelphia    New York    Buffalo    Gay Parisians  1895-1897

1896   Newark    Bicycles    Chicago    William Jennings Bryan nominated    Election 1896    on the train    San Francisco    Los Angeles    Portland    Vancouver    Seattle    Salt Lake City    Kansas City    Omaha    St. Louis    Madison, Wisconsin    Pittsburgh    Philadelphia    

1897  New York    Harrisburg, PA    Charlotte    Knoxville    Charleston    Atlanta    Pensacola    New Orleans    Philadelphia    Louisa Lane Drew's funeral    Melanie Dolman born

1898  Louisville    Recalled from Retirement in  A Bachelor's Romance   

1901  Arrival of the 20th Century                
1904  Death of Mrs. EJ Phillips    
1998-2003  EJ Phillips' 225 year old quilt   

Last updated March 24, 2004

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