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Can you help identify these people?
We'd love to hear if you know who any of these people are.  Probably from 1880s or 1890s if undated.  mgchitty@msn.com  or  mgchitty@verizon.net


on back Sarony Gold Medal Paris 1878 37 Union Square New York
Negatives Preserved. Duplicates may be obtained at any time.
Elevator from the Street

Fredrick's 770 Broadway, N.Y.
on back Fredrick's Knickerbocker Family Portrait Gallery, 770 Broadway Cor. 9th St.  New York

H.J.  Theim, Newark N.J.
International Portrait Exhibition, H.J. Theim, Broad St. Newark, NJ For duplicates bring this number

D'Aquinos 1289 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Ray D. Chapman 1513 Eighth Ave., Bet. 17th & 18th Streets, New York

Miss Winnetta Montague
Bradley & Rulofson, San Francisco

Alice Harrison

Bradley & Rulofson, San Francisco, United Stats, The World, Vienna 1873, 129 Montgomery Street, San Francisco
Have the only ELEVATOR PHOTOGRAPHY connected with in the World

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