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The Artists & Their Works


Will Alexander

The Pope at Avignon

Inalienable Recognitions


Laura Avery

Barbed Wire Sunset


Bernard Bador









For Tristan Tzara


James Beach




J.J. Blickstein


Ashes and Pause

Goya’s Dog



The Suicide of Dorothy Hale, 1938-1939. Oil on masonite with decorated wooden frame.

Dream Monk eats the Middle Ages or One hand for each Harlem. One heart for Nellie.

By the hair, the moon in the skin

Girl with a Death-Mask, 1938. Oil on Metal.

La Casa Azul

Pornography, History, Gravity, Water (Ulysses)


still life with you girl, oil on wood (1942)



Alan Britt

Sulfur Sunrise


David Capps


how to describe a yawn as a projectile:


“The skeleton wondered”

“There was a famous gambler…”


Poem (after Derrida)

The Wave

A ‘Merz’

The Next Big

To Sleep Talk

“The law of large numbers”

Osaka: Pink District

Holy Roman Numbskulls



“What does it mean to lie to oneself?”

Tracks in Winter


“Tumultuous house”


An Imperfection

“I was born in a conch shell”

Failed Moral Systems


Poem as Body

The Mitten

“It is impossible to be here with you”

“It would be strange”

Letter to Eve


“Your presence bares facts”

The Center of the Lake

The Cherry Tree

Music Gone


The Candle


J. David Capps

Death Dream

Where is Your Bitter Girl?

This is Hell, Take Off Your Shoes


Catullus Translation

We’re Ass to Mouth in Here (Catullus 16)

Translation & Spunkification by Sean Northrup & Jared Demick


Aimé Césaire

To Africa

Crusade of Silence

Several Miles from the Surface


Translated by Clayton Eshleman and A. James Arnold


Lily Cho

Centuries Past

Darkness the Second

Idea Birth

“This pumping thing”

Scaling the Cliffs

Recipe for a Super Villain


Ken Cormier

“A Squeeze of the Hand”

Stop Writing to Jazz

Sing Sweetly

I Require



Chris Degon

Particle Bird


Clayton Eshleman

Zurn Heads

Munch Dissolves

Octavio’s Labyrinth


Prayer for Will Alexander


Jared Demick

“it’s lovely how the…”

Short-Changed Poems

If I should rain tonight


Jared Demick Translations

“city”- Oswaldo de Andrade

“Outside Contact”- Vicente Huidobro

“Eyes”- D. Thomaz de Almeida


Gordon Fraser

LoJack me love

Like a staple gun to the face

Taxidermy your neighbor’s pets and children


Victoria Ganim

3 Hinges


Ricky Garni

I Find Judy, Poncho


Joe Giglio


on vacation

first edi(c)t


"in light of <l"

for after

shaping (thought)

stick figures-3

stick figures #6

stick figures #7

stick figures #8

boplines #1

boplines #2

bop line(age)s #3

a theist

dr(e)am (s)hopping

atonal love ballade #1


Joe Giglio Visual Art

Rainbow Shards

Eye’s Habit


Howard Good

The Reference Librarian of Arcane Griefs


Josepha Gutelius

New Year’s Transformers

Interpretation of Dreams, for My Daughter


Leigh Herrick


Desertification with Extinction

A Tragic Blue (Vallejo)



Paige Hill

Vampire Poem

Old Age Poem


D. Michael Jones

the morning visitors


Jean Jones

Dealing with the Great Absurd



Pierre Joris

3 Pages from Canto Diurno #4: The Tang Extending from the Blade


Heller Levinson

Value Is

“with bituminous”

“with horizon”

“with trespass”



“smelling mermaid”

“with mermaid”

the road to mermaid road

Finning the Mesmeric Mermaid Wake

in the hol(y)(iness)ding of mermaid

the road to bumpy road

the road to clear road

the road to empty road

“Barbara Do You Want to Sit Here?”

See of Joy

Two Hats

from hands this guitar



Heller Levinson, Joe Giglio & Sedric Choukroun

part beatitude part beast


Michael Main


the road to rainfallen road

in the mu(sing)s of miles

in the temperature of felled trees

Root Sepulchre


Mary Newell

[If] not love


Carol Novack & Sheila E. Murphy



John Olson

Mozart’s Birthday

The DNA of Poetry

Sometimes A Great Nougat

The Yolk In the Yoke

A Washcloth Wetter Than Calculus

Critical Mass



Brought to a Boil: An Essay On Experimental Poetry


Adrian Paulsen


Antediluvian Dreams


Peruvian Poetry

“Anarchy”- Carlos Oliva

“A Mask's Confessions”- Miguel Ildefonso

“The Secret Place of the Desert”- Miguel Ildefonso

“South”- Hector Ñaupari

“Pre-Banisteriopsis”- Josemari Recalde

“Sermonem ad Mortuos”- Josemari Recalde

“The Fire’s Vertebrae”- Harold Alva

Translated by Anthony Seidman


Jeremy Pilapil

Dali Felt Disappointed.


Everything in a Second

Danny Tells Me Something


Andrew Roberts

She Looks After You

Telegrams. In the Dark.



Anthony Seidman

Cosmic Weather

On Why I Stick My Arm into the Earth


When the Fires Reach Me

Nightmare of Bar Las Playas


Ars Poetica

A Murder Of


Felino Soriano

Approbations 660

Approbations 661

Approbations 662

Approbations 663

Approbations 664

Approbations 665

Approbations 25

Approbations 26

Approbations 27

Approbations 28

Approbations 29

Approbations 30

Painters’ Exhalations 151

Painters’ Exhalations 152

Painters’ Exhalations 153

Painters’ Exhalations 155

Painters’ Exhalations 159


Ray Succre

She Counts What Splits the Days

Morning Paper

Three Lives

Fitful Night in the Mexican Hotel


Renee Wagemans

This Journey



Interview Directory


Clayton Eshleman Interview


Interview with the Ladybug


Joe Giglio Interview


Pierre Joris Interview


Heller Levinson Interview


Randall Nelson Interview


John Olson Interview


Ulf Stolterfoht Conversation


Keith & Rosmarie Waldrop Interview





Jared Demick Reviews

--> “ Was I holding your hand or merely an opinion?”: Jennifer Martenson’s Unsound

--> Knickknacks of Shrieking People: Novica Tadić’s Assembly--> “Disappearance is within us”: Jean Daive’s Under the Dome: Walks with Paul Celan

--> Heller Levinson’s ToxiCity: Poems of the Coconut Vulva

--> Clayton Eshleman’s Reciprocal Distillations

--> Clayton Eshleman’s An Alchemist with One Eye on Fire

--> The Complete Poems of César Vallejo

--> Commentaries I-IX on Ulf Stolterfoht’s Lingos I-IX

--> Heller Levinson’s Smelling Mary

--> “I believe I’m a creature a creation an invented person”:  Caroline DuBois’s You Are the Business

--> “My language is full of dirt and shit”: The Grindstone of Rapport: A Clayton Eshleman Reader



Special Features


A "Poemic"

What happens when Jared Demick’s poems merge with Lily Cho’s comics…a writhing screepsquall of a tale…


Exquisite Corpuscle

“Northampton Exquisite Corpse”- Angela Bouchard, Lily Cho, and Jared Demick

“Grizzly Adams Graveside Exquisite Corpse”- Angela Bouchard and Jared Demick


Collaborative Poem

Heller Levinson, John Olson, Ken Cormier, Lily Cho, Jared Demick, and Anthoy Seidman riff off each other Breton-boplicious style.


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