The Jivin' Ladybug

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Gregg Biglieri




Peer into a jetty spinal fraught

ere one is nobody ranking

the runcibles

the fasten innate

curly ribbons suddenly scissor

time's arrow sought

direction is a plea bargain

coming into use like whippets

all shark-tanked and pungent

cause attention to defect

none tended


a vertical glow

the past it tenses

erasure of revision

sense in terra

thresh hulled marrow

chorus civility

aspen beech

as pen be each

muscle in Ulysses


steep arch of coffered dent

in coffin solus

hitched thought

without a switch

synching in wit


difficult gorges

splinter groups and blissful

fire resistance

fire resistance

repeat you so

dust unsere

answer swear

the neck manifolds


disqualify anything that goes

returns this time as force

this time farce aching

thistleman as fierce

even now

remains at cleft

did you have a private birth in Pittsburgh?

the untypical cord

echo chambers

can't see through sepia for the cuttlefish

ordering ink

in lope the squibs

learning your pvc's

gelled sensorium

open arc surgery

circus in a crown of sea

a model of automatic birdcalls

circle your agony


syntax means jeopardy

lethal energy of lethargy

lethe parenthesis

lethe green

repetition is content

a mind of one's own

next tumult is in a pinch

the source clipped the apprentice

can't say use member only

without promise withholding

arrowheads overheard overhead

evidence of attraction is a fixture

the sand dunes

the blindfold remembers a scuffle

laughter at the embassy of beyond


screening the synch event

focus cause on the stone stony

it's kitsch

anxiously to medicate the crystalline

leaves to dedicate the undertaking

pairs narrator and figure-eights

strategically counterweighted

duplicate a little neutral hour

have a stiff think

a cog for foam

thieves vie for articles

charred loot demands a preening

a roadmap for eyelids

splitscreen rubies and rabbit holes


cool glitch arc

spell bunker

a lithic flinch

spinning somnolent speeder

bends for accuracy

torques matter

folding faster facts

le pli to the nth


I tried to sleep

ribs and tickling machines

iridescent spits the sea of cortex

ideally he types unavailable river

funk this chit

the critical knell

can't spear which may appear

primary thin vamping

jewels and vernal sluice

the wind blue

air to analyze three hours in

very strobed

verify involutes

canter to the point of a tube

paint fugues


I margin enigma

met on a me

soft key put

off tough flame

the bicycle unravels

wheeling confides in the wheel

cause is sound scooped


foretaste of limbo

the bee hove to

surface skims

wetness prosecutes gloss

apollo's jetty

turbine's manic hunch

levels bedevilers

such conjecture

what minded thing could overcome

any scythe will do


I non film

reader undo caesura

riddles cropped in decoupage

decode a decoy detonate

masking devices

hors d'oeuvres

downwind of a dormer

out of a tomb divers


another deveined sublime

forthwith mistook

declension phantoms

wind deckles the odd atom

bellows below echo over

the past archival footage

future trumps frame

dates hatch error

dux femina facti

night to queen's rook

castles cancelled

lunar ticks nothing

le mépris

on contact paper shreds

film gloved

turns inside out

dusk quench

gene musk

lift wedge of leap year

elastic ear in married bad


wake speed


le coupable

ode is bitter quilt

quality of misprision

is gender italic

to dream kicks

nothing takes

the nape of a changeling


scan equals sequel

anaphor splice

night rudders

henchmen words


two tendings

end in sleep


come oddity

wick of something this way

volts faze the music

cribbed decanter

sends eros

sense arrows

before it cuts



between tick-and-tock

a tuck


the lives of the simmers

fits and chance reverses

the lank ore and the short

the batch and snugly

languor and the gaze

stipples and links

the lanky gauge

some squall it


steeple chase

cardiac rich from a moment's gazebo

static hasps

mass stacked

mapped haptics



but of this blue reaches havoc






No then so it took out of space to remove seeing

The pole of not seeing to think through the leaving

Out as an aspect of the whole vision the place

Between the pinholes as of eyes read as words

Slick tickers all that talk about negatives as silver

Saying what says you back to the stab initial

The same one seen in all its parts leaving

The scene and so it was all sewn together in

Parting to what was seen as seeing there for here

It was not but hearing made it sew in the senses

Of what is meant by the seam that is next to

The or the theory or the the the wind so the

Sewing up the sockets wrench out of seeing

What you see there in the knowing that's not

Seeing or what you think it is could be showing

Up often in the tense of of that too softens that

Thought is after such as thought stuff much

As much is to touch what is often out of reach

That's teaching it to be whole as the fragment

Meant what it does to stack apart from

What's is the nascent edge to cleave is such

As it were that's what comes once again to the

Point as it means to point to what it was before

You now before you know it as a thing means

What it were then not before you now it is

As before once again that is saw what thought

You before you thought it up against what made

You think you made it up in a moment like

Yours but not ours is not there either when

It stops you think it will or will not just so

Too steep suppose the step to get there too as

What makes you stay here in this hereby know

What you think now as enough before this stretch

Each time as it appears to be knowing how it's going

To come out of where it came out of which

You could be showing how it is that what's

To come is for you what appears to be as much

To happen as such in the pool of all it's there

To pass as what's to pass comes to mean it means

That what this is is how you think its leaving

Comes again to see it all as part of each fragment

Escapes the pole of knowing this chart as part

Of a system that is its way of coming to be in it

As close to the tick of the ash the clashing of

Times means about which one knows or not

How you think enough to get there when here

It is so different as it was when it starts to be

As before it is now as such a dark clock

To not see it chocolate against which it touches

Up to the point of a clock there see it late spring

Around what its numbers come to mean although

Staying there out of sight its part of vision as a whole

As part of this decision square you are comes to

Propose this as under some such youth value

Against which time as such comes to mean the click

Before what you say as often you heard the birds

Where they came from also not part of what it

Means to be the means as words held against

The shadow to propose as light held before

What other light or did it come or simply

There it was here in the rain like seeing

Through the range of such like added to

It were part knowing that it was already

There before you thought of how it was to be

Always pouring out without a doubt a brain

A double of this scene taking place in the

Model of holes in each part you can see through

Where they can come cancel the partial such

As shown through the showing that is sewn

Up by the double of you and who you are glass

Not ajar a window on the word a mote

Before it seems to be what it is or object like

A tip as the needles sewing click and showing

What you could barely tell was how it says

What it is without even knowing that thought

Now as ever was the opposite of sight.





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