The Jivin' Ladybug

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Edwin Torres

I CAN'T WANT TO LIKE YOU                                                     


how do you do it

make insect love to tv christians

by feeding your neighbor's face

with spermfed mosquitoes

of the low-cal variety


while all your outlawed apologies

hiatused for golgothoa's

teleplasmic cheekbones

jiggle your stilletto genitals

mitered by inch and mad pastry love


if the infamous bronzed foot massage

of the first lady is any indication

then I'd like to support your lonely crawl

by blowing my fat

into your nearest posh-bot, you know


the one decreed by human sex organ

as circumcised roach

once ministry declawed marshmallow spunk

out of its own enigmatized piety to tan your

famously soft corner only to burn its insufficiently


fierce barf out of my own aaaaaaaeeeeeeyyyyeeeh...

sorry for my matter-of-fact spank

blame the guy next to you

cause I know somewhere, there's a secret broadcast

repeating itself like a DNA condonista


you unto others and kiss your wet wake-up

with leftover animal knucks

your delicate pupation, a sartorial nose-pick

when I tune into my favorite anchor

to smack gnat love outta cum chic


lookit the hairdos blessing o-man, poised to revere

his molten bush in a trivial bout of pee pee

against inner wiggle wee wee

and no matter how much I wretch my ex-BFF

I just can't want to like you




RE: HOW HARD YU GONNA GET                                  


 immaculate damnation

fills up private earholes

with creamery pearl drops

oozed in splintered fits

I walk subway platforms

though misshapen crowds

stroking essential flesh quivers

in the grip of a wet slip

damned devil

parades the page

without horned panties

got my fucked up thorny rose thong

pulled up

past damnation's g-spot

have faith in stains

the color of yum

sez wrangler on laugh track

canned jerk-off works

for beelzebub

rush hour chubs that leave wet spots

on my glasses, before I

cream the masses with her

tight-ass slap hazard chassis

honor among pet skeeves

them weavery coker lookers

man-sized chump, stuck in glitter briefs

showin-off yer


y'crankous smack-off...make us proud

of must and mystery me, oh damn

the fucker dont twist off

the dick

ad infitum, god

damn the fucker don’t rip off the clit

repeat the leap

peep, if I

don't fido the damn the wait

the fucker dont flick off

the sleep of a

hightie higho...yo, we splurt

daytime into ruckus

dont clip off the rock,

re-seat chap, or

dynotit the fuckus, uppa chip off the cock

mustery tentacles

the material incredible

still lives to soak

in the juice offa skyline's crotch

city greets a

snatchpad tuesday

launched off madonna, saint not suit

who looks damned cute

wearing tie and shirt

covering nipple with boot, he do

dare reveal collar when slave needs booté

measure of time stays

back, when deviled boy

wears tuté, c'mon call

got yuyu all to my self...sez moon’s

cloven eclipse

peeking in

at a boy

when a butt

                  won't do




NAUGHTY VILLE                                                              


nipple hippie mermellian

gill-infested terpentian

broadville sauced faustidian


taut tellescent

colored in the mirror by buchanan's overture

sotomayor rises

through whiteboy ash

affirmative to lashing

crashing bores with whores

buchanan is a nippie

ferpal din done none-bringian

dja lose your comfort zone

dja make it backpacked fanny

dja have to screw your face so tight

dja get old too soon

hipple aughtian in the aughts

a new me-first

was hawt

vaunted pole-taut groanian

they only let her play

to say they did they said she said

but said he said and did

they only let her say she said they did

she only got a man because of her accent

she only got her grades because of her accent

she only got ahead because of her accent

she only changed the world because of her accent

if i sang mammy colored like a merman

if i span summer othered by a thurman

if i lose time under someone else's gut check

if i can't slip into impotential pent pump

the new pretty tells me i cost more

the new pretty is a hippie nipple in costco

the new pretty repeats my mojo

the new pretty is an eco warrior's dojo 

velocity tripped come-thingian

jalopy contusion fallopian

fancy footwork loudmouthian

imma sower of insane chaos

a secret apology

for video freakout

imma missing father's sunset

nipple in drag

for nascent daughter's cum shot

imma hippie concretic

tiny cunta swingset

for all'em juicy cock-oisseiurs

imma holier than thouian

a roamin’ ethnic knownian

a naughty comfort pwned


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