The Jivin' Ladybug

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Anne Tardos





Wiki Mandolin stole his happiness from an indifferent universe.

Determinism is not the enemy but the relentless ego.

Folie a deux figurine, funny little dinky ink blob.

I’m only good when I’m good for nothing.

The gym makes me feel like I’m a member.

You say that the perfect act has no results.

If I can understand it, anyone can understand it.

Those FedEx guys lost their cool completely that day.

Ziglio lusty mannequin gooey saliva shiva tzim-tzim tchebaba.





Tchebaba society self knowledge through doglike valor celery belittled.

I could create a whole circus inside your head.

Plus drive you, like a New York cabbie would.

Out of love he wants to die—aus Liebe.

Day in terror and then frequent flyer miles everywhere.

The promise of a beach and the fulfillment thereof.

Eggy ambition cleverly framed inside a pale ginger device.

Zip me up and examine my brain cells carefully.

He keeps an illegitimate mistress, a silly little secret.





As far as the eye can see, you speak.

Precious dusk precious glimmer foxy dusk perfectly perilous dusk.

Hungry fox threw a fleeting glimpse at the exit.

I’ve nothing better to do than be here now.

Handsful of degenerative sandy cantankerous infantilizations, past and future.

To be recognized by a snake is an honor.

Boredom dismay agony confusion, let the poem take over.

Thick fleshy melancholy tenebrating gingerbread, but who is talking?

Diagnostic difficulties, jellybean etiquette, ziplock flew between those legs.





I survived everything so why do I feel defeated?

The rule of the game is that we lose.

Because the meaning of life is that it stops.

And the meaning of stopping is that we’re living.

The eccentric biography will have to be sprinkled in.

Russian school in Hungary, French school in Austria—true.

The artist controls what she allows into her work.

Teeth clenched, she pushes and pulls until something breaks.

A danger to herself, the artist decides to stop.






After a while you learn to tone it down.

Fear resembling moss, moss resembling tree, tree resembling vegetable.

Random elements of chance cannot be analyzed any further.

Made off with everyone’s money and went to prison.

Things will never be resolved until galaxies stop colliding.

What makes you think I’m not wearing a tuxedo.

Pseudo fanatic simplification applied to chemical processes basic form.

Each metaphorically motivated concept forms and influences each season.

Reasonable Avalokiteshvara fidgety lifetime contribution using the mind.


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