The Jivin' Ladybug

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Jared Demick Translations

Oswaldo de Andrade
Rockets crackle the sky from time to time
There a poor girl enters the cinema
Dressed for the last scene
Converses in the garden where benches sprout
The illumination is white coal
Mamas are calling
The orchestra in the forest
                   - translated from Portuguese 
Outside Contact
Vicente Huidobro
My public plaza eyes
My silent and desert eyes
The sweet internal tumult
The solitude that awakens
When the perfume separates from the flowers and begins the journey
And the river of the large     large soul
That no longer speaks of time or space
A day will arrive     is arriving already
The self forms a prodigious substance
The moon coughs
The sea descends from its carriage
A day will arrive     is arriving already
And I no longer speak of spring or winter
It is necessary to shatter the heart on the world
It is necessary to construct a bit of infinity for man
                   - translated from Spanish
D. Thomaz de Almeida
Your swanlike immaterial arms
In the lake of your eyes
     Pale moolit ecstasy of opal
     Moonlit soul of moon
In the tepid gentleness of my cushioned soul
In the half-lit aroma of my dream-garden
Channel your fluid arms
Columned arms of my soul
They shine sweetly palely whitely
Our Lady of White
     But more profoundly I will illuminate
     the clear blue     clear green     clear blue-green
     Unreal to gaze upon the gaze upon your eye
Oh! your eyes! OH! YOUR EYES!
     I will listen through your soft gaze
     In the half-lit aroma of my dream-garden
So intangible of your white moonlit-arms
Pale soul of opal moon
And my exhausted feelings
The Spring of your arms
     Mystery of your eyes!
My eyes
Will be absent aromas
Of the supreme lilies of your arms
Columns of my soul
     And the half-light will stripe your gaze
     Soft gaze of your soft eyes
Night descends- Aurora in your eyes-
Illuminate the Aurora of your eyes
     And my soul like a crescent of dreams
     Will be a star of the Annunciation
My thoughts the Magi!
     They go    they go guiding through your gaze my soul
     Through the desert of my suffering
     They kneel before the precipice of your arms
     And adore the Christ of your soul
     Jesus Christ of White!
I will be a wild, dark Magdalene of sin
Goodbye Magdalene of sin!
     I am a converted saint
Oh! Your miraculous eyes
Rabbi of your eyes
Mr. Jesus Christ of your eyes
                    - translated from Portuguese

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