The Jivin' Ladybug

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Exquisite Corpuscle

Northampton Exquisite Corpse
Angela Bouchard, Lily Cho, and Jared Demick
purple clouds flutter like deranged boomerangs
the goat peed his pants on the sidewalk
the cement refused a chance to suck dry profanity
profane admission tickets in the lsut
the man with a black egg in his salad
ate the yolk's feathers decisively without any squawks
waka, waka, waka said Fozzy Bear deliriously in Kermit's bed
an orange bank exploded and money was everywhere
oh, her cashed-in suicide brought tears to artful tragedy
Grizzly Adams Graveside Exquisite Corpse
Angela Bouchard and Jared Demick
we met with the Grizz, lounging in the grass
the dog whimpered in the sunlight
graveside tremors gave me motion sickness
which in turn made Jared have to poop
a Mass was held in the bathroom where I was pooping
and it was glorious
the priest's tears were crystal goblets
they were goblets of fire
fire from a toothpaste scented smile
the toothpaste killed the garlic breath, the murder was bloody

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