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Will Alexander

The Pope At Avignon


“I remain the Pope at Avignon

because nothing in this world can conceal me

I test the limits of my evil

prone as I am to bloody offspring by debacle


being the leathery witness of evil


being the culture of the offspring of evil


who ferry toxins on the Sabbath


who blossom by means of spillage & errata

seeks in his conclusives to amalgamate hypocrisy

to ascribe to force a plain & turbulent bleeding

assured that my own hosannas resound

that the force of my name alters cataracts in hell


I can in no ways do otherwise

perhaps pontificate

announce bread

breed the scars on my flanks as signs from the above

raising as I do certain virgins up from fire

extracting a carnal medicine from the eyelids

I left Rome

to inculcate the Bosporus

thus I remain strategic

in that my eyes are flawed

that my hands are tragically spent


the charismatic occurrence

of I who seems to dwell within the pastures of deeper sweltering


being the sorcerer who shreds gowns

who creates justice in life by supreme & opulent verdict

by miasma which lingers & verifies confusion

by the dark forms of sand

by the diamonds which erupt eros

that would lead one to believe that I am clinging to ruination

for inconsolable payment

for making land conform to the object of rent wheat


I am posterior to different forms which inhale the sun


I am recondite by instability

having fathered 2 magnetic serpents in my struggle with containment

of course I am divided

merismatic & melancholic


I grant myself the folly

the ambrosia

the scales the weigh the cunning in my mitre


I trespass heaven

& ascend through stars by nucleic transposition


the bishops advance my meddlesome fornication

one by one advancing my secrets

absorbing in their persons a tacit henbane in the skin

& one by one they’ll fail

as if a medley of serpents conspired against their treason

& when they die

I’ll give them over to God

I’ll say they posses a cleansed rooting & an ochre foil in their hearts

I’ll say that their secret assignations were justified by limit

by double fathering in the genes

so that their offspring will conspire to teach me consummation

to take in the soils from amniotic shelters

with codes which reveal the lower constituency of boasting


I am a miracle in this regard

I control by lamentation

by fragments & disbelief

by feral conundrum as status


I cohabit on revolving sheets of coal


each contaminate strengthens

as if I pulled a fetid sheaf from lagoons

& traded various boats of opal

along with a cardinal or reddish manganese in the eye

& so

amidst the routes of the Bosporus they admit

my own accursedness

yet they shield me

they offer intrigue

they offer forgone specifics

so as to shelter my mission

knowing as they know

that gold condenses as evil

that Jesus Christ limits & is sorcerous & askew

they know

Kemetic investigation

they know

the stolen urns

the non-recorded labour

they know

that the one true God has never emended his thinking

or struggled with his own catharsis

understanding that I’ve slept with the offspring of eels

I’ve hidden a lamb in my garments

having struggled with beasts & all the 4 legged raptors


I’ve come to my decision

to slaughter as opposed to retainment


concocting in my brain

the structure & physiology of monsters”




Inalienable Recognitions


     A lecture given at Beta-Level

     Los Angeles, June 2007


Colonized by the rhetoric of visibility, one turns around in


a microbe warren, fighting for status according to forms


which accrue from the fleeting frontal body. According to


this frontal body one is arrayed in static remnants, in


corpse-like postures which devolve into the active snare


of concussive social tissue. A social concussive which


suppresses and re-suppresses poetic conduction. Within this


blinding decurrence one is always summoned by mislaid


agendas, by quick-sanded mazes, by formally engendered


suffocations, all in the service of diabolical cogitos.



As if the sun were missing and retroactively replaced by a


blazeless secondary moon, having no other purpose than to


give of itself as a scrupulous or functioning disorder. And I


am not speaking here of the moon as organic respiration, as


a fractal of itself conspiring with suns, but as an isolate


technical seduction attempting to burn inside itself, casting


in its wake a riddle of novae and spectrums.



But if we look at the formation of stars, and mollusks, and


cells, we see the interminable hypnotic, the spiral of


burning glances, always suggesting by rotation kinetic


perpetuity. The understanding here is that the frontal


personality is always reaffirmed by the material paradigm


as a separable mechanics. And this separable mechanics


can be discerned in Descartes or Julius Caesar always


operant at a plane where energy erupts as obvious


misnomer. Where the clause reacts subduction by


subduction according to its substance which generates


as result, a requisite quantity or weight. According to the


West quantity or weight is repeatable as history, as a


Mechanics of didactic armory. A state of being always


operable through conflict, through the mesmerism which


coils and re-coils thought as a devastating violence.



Within the Western psyche human worth is summoned


through conflict. through the clashing of fragments across


the ozone. History then accrues as the perfect cholera of


density, so that its necessity transpires through heaps of


bodies which configures in the rational mind as honed


embryos in the breathing. So every detail is counted


according to mesmerized biography, according to the


minutia which condones the fate of  the teeming frontal


portion; according to its mass, to its contorted geometrical


ascendance, understood as a conquering plan or kelvin.


 Space then takes on substance as a conquered proportion,


followed by law as racial mimicry, and the result is the


prior 7 centuries deduced to the flaws in the Euro-centric


confine. Within its laws it defies the recognition of its


 limits, looking at other pronouncements with in-grained





Conversely, the communal, that which associates the whole


with the part, can never carry as its paradigm a-priori


injury or discomfort. Thus, the lemur, and the verdet of


the macaw is simultaneous with the endogenous. Therefore,


matter cannot be contained as sterilization by plinth, by


manipulated allotment or border, this being the core of


Asiatic endogeny, and by extension, Africa, with all its


stunning oral kingdoms. Thus, Africa, within the prior


mentioned confine remains the food from the coiling


leper’s tree. So the derma at the darkened leper’s tree can


never be properly assessed by plinths, by a strictly numeric


or technical embodiment. And so its derma darkens and


smolders at the root of the Descartian technical tree. The


West can never address such smoldering, never capable


of imbibing its laws of the unobservable. It can only


address the pylon as a cataract of weighing, as if its gross


recognition were the reason for its standing. In other words,


observational bounty which no longer lives by originatory


breathing or fire. It is simply an object which concurs with


the notions which extend through archaeological


biographics, a biographics whose parturition is only


capable of that which post-dates the energies of Moorish


Andalusia. I’m speaking of the era of 1498, of 1533. Of


Course, these are arbitrary dates which burn in the


European sensibility as superior conduction. Neural quanta


wizens, and the elements are stamped with a


monochromatic optical seal. What Grosseteste


thought, what Roger Bacon compounded through that


thought became suspect, and was surreptitiously soldiered


away by a Dominican order whose efforts conformed to


power as piacular achievement. Grosseteste and Bacon,


transmitters of dangerous evolments, were not unlike


Moorish cellular arks, transgressing divides, sailing to the


port of tremendums. Under the Italian, or subsequent


Renaissance, Mali and Timbuktu become more and more


as the opprobrium absorbed in the color of the thorn bush


of the Christos. And we know that the Christos implies a


trenchant separation between what is approved and what is


dis-engendered. This in turn becomes a malignant


recognition of a penteconter, a galley, with its sails artfully


structured according to visually threaded cadavers.



Yet how can this galley take in the ice fields, the wildebeest


optics, the spontaneous hexagramatics of the servals? Here


I’m simply inscribing a lack which fails at inclusion, not


only the summed gargantuan of what I’ll call the balletics


of the ozone, but at the spillage of the sky vertically


exhaling as a burning supra-physical raga. Perhaps one


could compare this raga to the fumes from the confounding


glimpses of the Pharonic wails of Pakistani ragas. Ragas


which spin by means of phosphenic confoundment, like


aural spiraling through a macrocosmic ozone. And from its


mystery derives fever, a great pyrolatry of charisma.



In this sense one can never engender sterility, or create by


Its absence a treatise on accrued and culpable voids. As if


Such voids could be defined and rendered palpable within


an exteriorized decalcomania. A decalcomania drawn in the


manner of a separable recognition, structured according to


seedless invictas.



Let me say this, the person remains his, or her own


concomitant experiment. In the cellular ground there exists


galactic neural depth, as an a-priori balance anterior to


suns. And it is the the nature of the anterior to inculcate the


totalic, which includes suns, and planes, and mysteies. For


if  Descartes were capable of weighing an image in his


neural hollows, he would be prone to a privacy where


Breton enlivened a verbal proto-hieroglyphics, an ignited


sand where savor flares up as bluish irregularity through


quanta. The latter remaining a paradigm non-attributable


to personality, to a palpability which fuses with the


exhaustion of the provinces. Breton signals a zone where


the ground no longer merges with ground, where an


integral voltage consumes all prior thinking by means


of incandescent slippage.



When Miro configures suns which explode, the by-product


remains as fount or interior origin. A fire which consumes


from inconspicuous arcane, always living in the cell as a


molten which transfixes functions. As someone like Leiris


intuitively attests, the nerves invisibly resonate in what the


Dogon understands as collective or spiritual genetics.


Within such a view each prosthetic of the technical begins


taking on the aura of vanishment so as to allow invisibly


gathered bodies to aviate through the uranian by means of


intuitive cartographics. Because the cells spin, turbulence


engenders the open. As if the body had become vapor


suffused by the vocables of anterior navigation, so that


kinesis invigors like a pouring of rays from Sirius B.



Saying this, I can do no more than build on the sodium


which insists on itself, which understands itself as mean


over and beyond the engendered. Over and beyond the


chaos inscribed on the horizontal soil, which now calls for


an energy over and beyond the zodiac, where a neutron


semantics is transpiring.

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