The Jivin' Ladybug

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Joe Giglio

over(t) time



disband(i)ed cadres operating on multiple wave forms centered in the big top

mastering abandoned art forms in rustic surroundings, jealously guarded by emotionless outbursts

call into consciousness the idiocy of village gate crashers in the vanguard’s shadow print

descent amidst stares into hanging bulb’s low watt blood-feud: thought-out-flanked in the right brain’s far left

dissent distended/de-centered…



thought removal: specialists in (d)our happiness – ordered responses garnered among collectivists

re-group behind al(l)tru(e)(fatal)istic bann(er)ed ideologies

in a crowd of oneness, splintered fractals enlist core sympathy: a nihilist’s penned chant for more…

rainbow shards bisect wind whispered pleadings under-ground-swell; feel-good death kisses(both cheeks)

consonant disavowal predic(a)ted…



a prove-all manic-festal, outlined in redress, calm-amity: head feathered vestal intent

on-going, out-reaching, cryptic call mass: leave-all benighted behind; close doors…

hydro-pon(t)i(a)c grassroots: tie sticks to bumper, crop bystanders from periphery

re-voice un-biblical chords, free-fly to core layer: mystery witness swiftly wilting in the keep

small bore rifling spins circles ’round the sum…


erst art:

protest ethic’s anthem

vent sure fisted posit-(ive)-ions

10 decrees - south draft…



scale mountainous modalities

per(manent)mutations of  revisionist hysteria

refuse to be refuse…


rest starter rat:

burning passion (is) at stake

death’s mind grips fear

protest ant ethic(s)…


rest art, then restart…



on vacation



(m)aligned left possessing élan – no lingo nary a mumble

inference boldly bannered – killin’ deride would be faster…

to hide is a sensual experience in essence

the list of triggers fills a memory in subscript

a frayed, two pull chain - lettered in sequins - squeezes out the life…


eyes focused behind objectified yearning, imaged as elixir rendered from fallout

nodding yes & no in gavotte meter, dancing around the matter’s truth…

love you expressed with true insincerity, de-scripted

a round back: a strait-laced, spineless minstrel waves a crooked pointer at distal lotharios

cloaked in shuddered curtailment, availed of consequent antecedents…


deserted steppes flat-lined, delectation deferred on 1st draft: quicksand witch hunt

sail imminent soundscape, stakeout of the heartfelt: preternaturally deposed of winsome

 a predilection for primal screech, otherwise landing halfway twixt meds & madness

with moon sized gaps separating touch from feel, the surrounding space does little to alleviate the suffocation

another day is ledgered, with little in the black…


a steady surf lovingly wears character into rocks throughout an endless marriage

minerals culled from coastal outlines enrich ancient progenitors, as offspring feed on their lineage

multiple, spinning scenarios generate electromagnetic, psychic warnings to future cognation

hiding under a blanket is much the same as running away from home should one not be uncovered, or missed

aramaic tattoos decorate gym-rat’s nesting rituals in metered verse…




levels of


reinforced by

fringe factions


hinged on

borderline dissociation

escalate in measured catenation

along fault lined misassumption,

like clockwork…


peripheral items lend an otherwise absent context, to a life simply lived

on reflection, images of chronology take on an order not so much in sequence, but in impact

repositioning someone into another time & situation, otherwise played out to the letter, may be potion or poison

passions, like volatile gases, engulf shared affection among natural enemies

catalytic interplay -  a chord not reached submerged in dissonance, lined in undertones, bathed in silenced lyres…




first edi(c)t



                deign tonight:


                ca(re)f(ul),fe(l)ine inf(o)used (for what purpose?)



                Om…(Ω)ton age, freefall(out),

                a new, clear winter(’s day)

                cold/war(m) day taunt>>

                gnostic glass (en)closures[(trance(d)].



                oneself (stories/riches) be-sto(ic)w

                selfless(ly)(ness) tills the quick(s) and the

                deadlined faces, locked n’ go(sh)

                a way to…




                feral dogmat(ic)ism;  refer(s to) madness-        

                dysmorph(eine)ia (in) the bodice electric

                circu(itou)s-St. Marks plays – a venue, aye?

                weakend hippies unearthed…





                of daze(d) passed out/tense

                inner mission’s accomplice …

                alter egocentric thoughts;

                a viewß






thinking of>>


                       shrinking viol(esse)(ins)en(s)ce(d)

                                                                              >>loom in a sense


                                                                              >>blinking thought per...


reflecting on:|:

                       +/- 7 year(ning)s

                       , 4 2  B 1’s be(a)st

                       ella takes’s


                       a “---” from the (ishka)b(i)(ub)ble \\//>^^<\\//




                       t’tha wind talk

                       w/o words-

                       worthy’v con(d)tem(pl)-1-(n)(ation)(‘ndergod)porary thought(?)



“On Thinking”...



                              fortune’s’v soldier’s cr(ies)(in)(d)eed(s)

                              not’v the(ir) (ch)(v)oice

                              w/ wh(y?)ich’t stands...



"in light of <l"


in light of<|


               fo(u)r things,,,,


7.) li-10’p>>>n’voy(eur),


              is(clock)tick(ing) i-mages(tic) mounting(s).


15.) and-light-and thaw‘tis,,i see #7 is 8 be(h)(k)ind:::



*in(n)(t)er mezzo(voices)*



3x6.) lie(s)(till),,,qui(et)(te) -tha- (pro)test - the water(’) s



minus one.) i-urn(run) b(l)ack,,,,[(come on!)-(cause)]

Chi-(k)no(w)s; return w/beatific apo-Gsus4 hour since(My La(i)-St. Con(w/)(stantius)festooned with mass occur(&says)


‘I am sorry...’



for after


after a mirthless giggle


                          comes a wide scream


 after purposeless protests


                           replete with tell all vanities


after seamless shakedowns


                           timely measured responses withstand


after moon phased outings


                           dreamless castings about, though not now


for(e) ever I asked


                          after waiting longer than required


fortune(’s ) telling smile(s)


                           pre-date(s) organized religious crime


in advance of birth


                            the sequence of events unfolds unpredictably


after schooling, serpentine illogic


                          floods the causeways with remorse


between outings planned yesterday


                          insincere wishes conflict with untruths


in good stead, conformist revolutionaries


                           seize ransomed moments of clarity


without asking I think of more than this


with no reply comes my answer







          thought pro(cess)voking distress


in guaged responses, inquest shunning


a starlet’s terse re(ap)ply (d)(h)ourly


hypo(dermic)thesis: needless texture


              data prisms in max ernst_while re:


fractal (i)mages(tic) s(l)i(l)ver(s) cloud(s) dead reality


            (r)ap(er)ture close(d)





                 less(ons) (af)for(d) the content, than(ks)


for the (s)impli(fi)cation


gai(d)e(i)ty in circles ousted a_monk_St. Joseph’s


                  fea(s)t daze



up down


                     a(sub)rose a covert opera, see unto


 sto(ned)awa(al)way(’)s hidden b(e)low


in forming fall(ing) (d)ou(b)t shelter(ed) upbr(ing)(raid)ing


 the air space to(o) close:


in autumn ’63 came men tall as trees

waves of fierce  resolve shaping thought:

will tomorrow follow today?




stick figures-3


extant scenic burned out


row houses scoped from


soot painted railroad portals



 bite sized morsels of


prosaic whiskey kissed ice cubes


soaked to the skin



seated alongside itinerant ravings


asking questions telepathically tossed


colossal seams split delusions



redolent of traces elemental


alchemy induced retrograde euphoria


tracking progress subtracting strangers



wander mid-stream respite


pirated senses motion ahead


strains the common thread



waving at passing fancies


oneself fishing for accoutrements


decorating disparate musings



stick figures #6



as with


             finalized determination  wa(i)t(ch)ing  a_wry

             single shard of sunlight carrying with(in) it

             man(uscripts) shredded then re-assembled


out of order


             sensing available droplets pointed toward absorption

              an utter(t)rance figure(d)-ration(ally) not speaking…

              for no(w) purpose will be (n)(h)eeded


gathered around


               recently discovered longings too easily summoned

               as though time and natural rhythm ciphered inclusively

               spreading grief equally among forgotten penitents


return tr(yst)ip(ping)


               re: mor(e)se(or)less, necessity dictates  a re(s)po(n)se

               though nothing awaits upon a_(r)rival

               new (d)alliances, drawn worried lines facing


imp(ish)erious remarks


               (c)hastening movements directed co/out-wardly

                seized by selfless envy acting methodically

                by day,  (cl)amorous sub-text: ‘run if nomin(ally)(h)ated’


27,125 days

happy/sad %’s?

in period correct sepiatone

photo fiction erect posturing

the lack of telepathy a blessiing

passion disguised as industr(y)(ious) modest(l)y

assembling a persona(l) vis_age/ion

freely displayed in public

carefully concealed at home

oddly liberated by war -

finally accepted in passing…





stick figures#7


more than one mean(der)ing

ashen faced before going home

dividing time - in theory, unbalanced


driven by shuttered stars crossed

lovers, lain to rest once knelt in isolation

hoping for breezes to pass through stones


faint recognition portends

useless indignation

stretched canvas painted over 3 or 4 times

begs the question…‘am i the quarry?’


lost games past letting, monthly tithes

rend cloaked, beleaguered brethren

a_s(l)ide never before (a) scene


(in)(an­)terior unreflected myriad vows

of secre(t)(cy) love(d) in silence

long hauling dead dropped main lines


concealed among free thinkers

espousing dissociation

covered in c(e)(ommit)ment

unceremoniously pronounced… ‘ fit for duty.’


fealty leaves no scarred remains

languid at day’s con(cl)(f)usion

tapered to match  finely honed apparitions


re(f)use venerable ideologies humbly

inclined toward jealously guarded anonymity

 penchant for hubris rooted in an_arch(y’s)(aic) womb


a balance of pre-war(m) alliances

restructured after consummation

salt tossed over the shoulder stings your stalker’s pride

eyes an opening in the warp… ‘ timed to perfection.’


follow closely those projected images

lavishly swathing false prophets in truth

as you know, it hurts but only forever…



stick figures #8



banned practice


          artifice linked>>inter-faith/faced


          revisionist: offset/based calls>>traced



beverage laced


          poisoned doily>>anti-massacre


           red shoes bled dry ice: embraced



fools lash


           memory: a race to judgment>>dais raised


            fists enraged: lovers rent unclothed, erased...



cries sensory


            no cares, one knows: content meant for


            deal down bod(i)es, hoards street’s invocation



dimes stored


            left b(l)anked filled w/dreamed morsels


            toward a come-on, good for the missi(v)(le)s



sigh(s) low


            swe(e)(a)t carried outàtaken in conquest


                   order(ed) by numbness, en masse context:less the principle(d)...


left-loft turned-toward

e.t.a. 900 our’s/your’s

half cough-caf mid-sigh

wreck loose, choose boots

on the ground ’n go

fourth, a state meant for few

of a mind splattered, wile away...








in-terpret/trepid stance



             per rain’s daily briefing


             infer lined page: entry declined


on pointed spi(r)(k)es


             a top(ic) less than credible, voicings


             of accord reached: dancer’s metered renouncement



a_way with words


             sin tax (r)(l)eve(a)ls killing fields: plow(ed) under


             shares the (w)(st)ealth w/tha ’din (know you car(ri)ed)



a lull in the frightening

‘act shunned’ or axion postulates

abide & by(e)the fissures

 (sul)lied in true character

meted out in censored dozens

axiom’s action-to act on

deride(s) of a life_time/line

slow to reflect an imagined misstep

in (en)live(nd) deadlock




boplines #1


core(responding) realities


defend the vanquished,  yet wax cosmopolitan in the(st)ory

run the lower crossways into cornered circles, un-observed

groups of three, double (deal) check strong points (to the fissure)

side-lined elements assume pre-resulted tallies -  fragmented fo(u)r (d)(w)ays (as)under…


clearing a path  - nic(h)e c(r)a(r)vings B.(uy)T.(wo)W.(ishes)

it screams: Have id – (thy) will (t)(un)ravel/alter to (e)go!

hid(d)e(n) (in) (syn)_apse, recessed – walled, prim(e)-m(i)(o)tive coiling asp strikes

(must) defy (climate) defining (falsely) deified (2nd tier) demimondes


sleeved (f)aces, deadpanned hands, oft back to the door’s swing

de-compense new (scents) surreal war(re)d (offed) our enmities

defense_less(e)(o)ns close(r) vested, lea(r)ning(s) squall_or luck’s usury

p(l)ayed-off key-money treat(ed) me (to) (l)unch – numbers flat…


abhor kissless moments, embrace/hoard filigreed contours, fa(te)(ith) suspended whores

late of spirit’s tribulations, returned from a soporific decade(nce) – contemplating movement vs. mo(r)(d)(t)ality

pounding, anaphoric incantations, compulsive utterences to please a higher being

live not to continue the hoary mental/heavy metal wreckage diffused willfully


betwixt a_tonal un-social strata  - spaced in volatile pairings, de-sem(i)b(a)lanced

rooting for night-shade(s)(ed) treasure, betrothed to one’s self by cont(r)act

discarded troves-collected winsome wisely dissembled, bleeding pretext

beguilement not-withstanding heavenly sophistry, rains un-bridled scrutiny


not one thing sways in the strong wind’s wake – mournful stillness accompanying silence

 back (lit) shot from underneath time’s quarry, suited in grey twill herringbone

kenmare street finial, ornaments baroque string construct – 59 seems to be the tragic number

sold for security/regretted for the absence of true sound, now in the hands of a bone collector…



boplines #2



costumed in flagrante


         maneuvered delicately, armed and red faced

         with luck, less monstrous than live-evil

         brewed ha-ha strang(e)(led) day’s plan

         evincing more than do(g) go(o)d-evoking


festooned in regalia 


         cantilevered in motion, frightened and deadpanned

         as(sass)in dazed off-loads, facing more than collapse

         planet in advance of decline - the de-voted,

         disenfranchised miss u.s…allotted crusts of bread


redressed indignantly


         felled consciousness razed, fill esteem(ed) core ghost riders

         specious, sophistic-(n)-ation, death(‘s) in vocation(= snug-guns)

         (m)angled views (whose) radar is askance, hidden mews

         notes, pale in drones – tap sharp, level  (under)tones (pat dry)


former life’s work


         disaffected incarnate, re: min(e)d scrap(p)(l)ed re-va (r)nished

         light d(el)oused sub-texted/dued /strata/ merged-mind-body

         junk-sank-shunned-boxed, of: nature; by: law; at: one’s digression

         incept w/o, in withered acceptance finally honed in memory…



surfaced post mayhem


         surety doubtful - a tight-fisted ourvre, surfeit of maidens/madness

         re:cant_or sing on to logical tenets, any_one(’s) gues(s)(t) may be god

         ensnared sans guile, flecked with slivered diamond’s char, back draped

         sanguine-less coup, led from within – daze into  windowpane’s ac(r)id divertimento  


fool(‘s) circle


         torn etiquette tightly w)rapped knocked twice, knuckled utterance

         under trance it’s systems down, end out-wired shut

         forsooth sate(d) voyeur miss tick-tock, time insensitive-seconds from deep rapture

         partitions multiply, to rend fringed patchwork – vanquished; taken out; flatte(n)(r)ed       


addendum repl(a)y sits centered

spectrums narrow, color p(u)r(o)posed

it feels things, (like) damnation defi(n)es gratuity

sibilant whispers swirl gracefully toward silence

(f)ire swells, expands consequence/de-cadence(ed), step(child) like motion

well-nigh assured fated twists, unfold insecure worr(y)(ied) lines…




bop line(age)s #3


(re:)route 32 north


                              cycle reigns, implores slick pavement rendered – per(re)ceived placement

                              changing hands disarmed, roof-red count 50 sleep deprivers

                              florid che(e)ck points to (circa 1973), fluid consumption situated on…

                              the spring’s fringe peripheral befits mood and dancers alike (alight)


 heathe(n)(r)’s house


                              love’s wares allegiance, sorties by night - to all but vampires elemental

                              sanguine deceleration met with quiet desistance, travel to find a(nd) (se)cure

                              sav(i)or (for) the flee(t)ing - glance upward, homestead’s northlight –

                              playing for change(s), half-empty acid milk glassed i’s have it (out of control)



leaving traces, simulated figures bu(r)ying gateways


pluralistic loons subdividing self-structures


grass toot’s glib rise-wry smoke’s strike, smotes (lucky)

torpid ti(m)(n)es…

featherbed grandfathering in(ter)grates, front-lined in pisces’ time(breathless)

[ sic ]



 mind dusters


       do(o)rma(n)t  wishes ploughed sideways, street why’s where force determines right(s)

       St. Blaize smolders, chablis’ soaking (h)our(‘)s: ‘don’t let me die like Jimi!’

       cut bootlaced - 18 straight shots not enough, not making/mimicking (f)(r)eal(i)ty

       re-strung, measured, strains the patient – tolerances = calculated vanity for waiting>>otiose



 at home (at large)  



     vitae composed in cuneiform, less the diffidence required of believers - non-descript

     hidden between folded, pageless tomes - parked in gray are(n)as, no matter the c(l)ause

     piped in silence –  painted background stillness thinks wisely of loud colors, mixed with rumor

     unspoken, timeline(d) faces extrude more than bitter irony – half smiles insufficient



plan(t)(n)ing routes, fanciful mindless encoding - denuded preconceptions

urban definition…

recantation before the flock belies neon letters misspelling forgiveness-->


i(m)(n)peri(l)ous timing, woven threats to circularity - on the part(l)y circuit scattered synapses

hallucinogenic health food…

wide eyes, circumspect through parked car’s window – ‘J.B. I’m being followed’;

--> yes, but only by an angel…



a theist


duty bound, untraced refusals purge illegal gatherings of like minded heretics

reverse the scenario, showing paranormal proof before passing judgment on lost souls

strawman whispers I love you…

inner strictures pre-fabricate enmity: disaffection withheld

non-believers seek the god’s truth…


neuropathic transponders bounce high ideals on substrata killing fields

enslavement lies inches beneath the surface smiles: show little in the way of com(passion/ap)prehension…

forced field of visions segmented…

between us, polymeric room dividers separate the ageless from the song(less)

condemned freedom riders thunder into gilt-edged life(e)scape…


sun streaked cyan airspace, imparts cloudless logic to titian goddesses secreted among us

witch’s brood populates crest fallen upper echelon: (di)spell(s) power – recu(r)se self-reckoning - sell powders

stare into mirrored panels reflecting closed eye’s mercurial sightings…

watch pocket doors slip into walled guardian: mounting pleasure frozen in time, forestalls eternity

re-born atheists dissolve in the wake of their tenets…


juiced O2: slate tinged dawn drip, spells out warning

take the eastern spur to time’s fissure, exit w/o movement

sleep until cherry hill, dose until (mas)serrated

shoes are like a mask -  jacket,  a gun

words are a sub-version, music = epitaph’s epigram

will you trade me for acceptance or leave me for d(r)ead?

return my ideology for a heart’s rending: packed in ice, cloaked in sacricy

shamed by pride felt in reaction, not reflection

when I come home I will be younger…


in-frequent conversation with the passed: effluent yearnings are met with silence…de(a)fen(e)d

w/many questions un-asked & answered feebly, days amass on the scale’s left platform…vacant

drawn into supine surrender, attempts to fold into a bundle resemble a prayer posture…facing you

spiritual sinew stretched over raw-boned reality gnashes saw-toothed ideologues…w/o


hedged bets, placed on un-scientific calculations foreshadow a return to centrist cannibal/revision-ism...doggedly  


amen, amen(d), (ex)amen, (fund)amen(talist), (disarm)amen(t), (predict)amen(t), (sacr)amen(t)





dr(e)am (s)hopping


line slasher speckled in active surge - on 3 then go!

gets it…

red days bundled indivisibly – duality crested…queries of the summoned

dill residue to be presented as torrent, flown under radar

see thing(s) - no one else (s)wears a s(i)mile; close to idolatry: press on(yx)


black pearls dot lovescape’s perilous somnolence, equipoised Libra arisen…

razed glasses, ground truth’s theorem: inter-particulate convers-ations-ions

gathering scions from amongst disparate isms - ice in the back of your head

blood in a trough - eyes in your veins - riders ghosted manna scripts-no refill

silent admit, venting compressed screamsà (em)powering down lined precious psst…


& of 4 prosodies s(an)(ec)tioned a ‘chapter vs. recitation’ – sighting of protostar unconfirmed…

grudge matches wit, scene seen (s)played out in feign(ed); anted up to a temptation

ancillary to the (glam-)master, re(le)g(a)(ul)ated to color-fill - hues behind (the) shadows(?)

alight from winged urban trainspot, defined as rue shower co-mutation:  addiction blind to reason

opining viewed as treason(us included);  (th)wartime’s melody:funereal(ism)/the be(a)st laid plans,             etc.


frantic measures now a distant memory

time spent reflecting on future in(di)visibles

masqued intent on w(h)i(n)ning, a tall caustic  comical(s)

dijahear from the raven huer?

blue isthmus bridges barrier to Remus’ bro(a)der interpretation

a brief sojourn to truth; soothe – say her disciples in defense; counter-active to militant linearity

deflect direct sense assault, light show(s) amoeba like movement incomingàin country…

check the rear(inner)view mirror for a tail;

look up at helicoptic servile conveyance

152 days passed, marks life-launch: autumnal mission

4 souls re-enter atom’s sphere

Monk’s dance encircles abandoned pianoforte



rescued from darkness, only to be subsequetly blindfolded atop a sniper’s perch w/o aim(s)

all-truth-istic - deep-ending on your con(tra)cepts; (have been) this way since birth…

of a nay(sayer) shuns enlightenment – his reflection to a vampire – faux word’s grass toots: movement

with so many opt- i- on pos-tulate-culp-abilities, reaching for brass ring’s fire sturm/drang/tine…

calm betrays a prophet’s storm – predilection for fortune shrieking; light up your windows & weepß


sated day quell’s nightmarish ramblings - redolent of incomplete thought; & so, repent: liar’s remorse

chaired, stalled in mire - doubly clutching to a non-shifting stance(resist), in midst of populisim’s foment…

do we collaborate with (the) enmity of repetition, doomed by history? hour 10: little to report

our 11th house is not in order; neither is it f(o)unded by blithe hearte(ne)d intent…

rather a scattering of plasm astride cloud-enveloped sorrel: around the clubhouse turnàto stone




atonal love ballade #1


sideswiped head-on – gridlock friday; quixotic in its shortcut/re-run

stepped on 6 times, disillusion cloverleaf(ed) - raking it in slowly…

the deep green, crew cut lawn belies the fissured mainline - percolating upward…

hoarding e(r)(x)otic emotional dramas:


she climbs the narrow staircase, dragging her feet to forestall seeing vacant eyes-

reflected in the mirrored door


ascent, odious to those fore/aft, hind-sighted around perfect corners

rejected as second to none; wherefore worse astrology prevails for past-life romantics

aggressive globule strategy cites (per)empt(or)y-nest syndrome: mothers as drug mules of choice 

celebrating the platitudinous as they are levitated to the throne – a kindness/comfort to those more worthy?

(d)earth(‘s) (en)core-elated (exi)(syn)(a)tonic, liquid centrifusion = hot top carpeted terrain


reaching behind  for a water glass, fumbling along the sideboard upon which it rests –

 Emotional Collapse smiles at the prospect of hydration, determined to enter the nether zone with defiance…


imagination untethered, might allow one to ponder the many souls that pass them by each day

turning one’s head is not the same as head turning – the former is away from – the latter toward…

sun-sit on the marble steps until the dollar in your pocket resides in the coffers, entitling you to a clip on button & the choice of Balthus; Miró – both/and>

sub-a-tonic balm offered up in formless waves, soundscaped by streetboppers may-be:

 the zenith uncompr(omised)(hended)/unfettered


a genius from Bedford-Stuyvesant – offered the medius, not a warm hand…

overlo(a)(r)d of beauty, m(a)(i)ssive for one life/world – antigen(ius) under stocked to sustain him in this way

art(‘s) heart(h) you are: art_hur(led) – caught by few – rh(a)(y)mes with flames-to go up in…

bandshell banshee free(s) music; bop vivant avant garnered love in life’s death.


cognition reel – 45 second samples of  a_war(e)(i)ness sprung  forth – in line with denial

lunar tricks, fringe to radius: the loneliest sphere m’funk  de-re-con-struct(ur)ed

a sound like warm ice shards; crystal buccaneers tramp lightly along the cycle - track 1 is a blues

stack of 45(s) caliper revolving clockwise, c(h)ambers a_round – track 2 is a barnburner


what are their true aims?


storm cell(ared), mind-lightening, brain sheared, collective winsome: another day in para-psych-dise

pronouncements in absolutes compress soul affirmation, & allow the speaker to believe in real legion(s)

torsion left – exit sky words: quintessence overcome by the wind’s ultimatum

bemuse cyclical spin dance: surround the ball-and-chain-room ritually if not gracefully…

safe for now, the agitated mind’s eye remains shuttered –core text obliquely masking in(plain)sight


a few degrees left à right sun-burnished ß burnt…








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