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Felino Soriano



Arranged anterior devotional habitual procedure


relevant improvisations of prior’s reactive

            incision.  Crown of turning


                        wears rose of hybrid shawl, dusk-whisperlight

rendition searches


            elemental focus

                                                daze of an hour’s interconnected circuits,

                                                                                    substantiated motive.   




Later the


revolving derelicts

vagabond as verb their

                                    shoeless invention callus conceptual evasion,

                                                                        disperses.  Untitled plane of jazz

            orbits thus articulates

reestablishing found objective opening of ingurgitating pledges

                        promise’s wilt

dangling unscent         leaving             watchers’ bare reimbursement

long into a night of deliberate bulwarkless hiding. 




Found the


swell of perfumed halos

            hanging precipitous

realization transgressional pardon

heard by passersby’s uncalculated









Natal width curtain withdrawn

            age-now young exhalation, plural.  Your

                        maternal angle

angel (cliché bridge crossing acclimated guardian) guardian

                        into your

flexing cry, abridged (mother-perspective)


gradating into elder, assimilated







arranged, annual

retrieved corporeal memory,

dialogical foundation, of

self into self of the then version,





                                                following afterward similes



                                                            emotional constructs

                        identifying relevant gradual essential moments, altered only

                                                                        through desolate times with

an alone-rendition, hackneyed




Symphony Extracted


Myriad ancestor vocal miracles

            warn and swarm various rooms

                        of the mind’s

delineated reposing.  Of

hoping luxation


                                                            into level  asymmetry

cornering musical exactness’

instauration of comparable                  concordance. 




Approbations 660

—after Aaron Parks’ Travelers


 Wander                        sans Cyclops variant

                        logic-wave       away salutation

                                                            field of


sunflower bridges

            carrying winged species

into syllabus of studious cultivation



lens of capturing tool to

bend and divide sacred intuition


moment of passive guidance

guiding hands into watching flame erupt


palm of noon’s warmest tribute.




Approbations 661

—after Horace Silver’s Song For My Father









                                    composite generational implantation.




            yet my etched subsequent to surname proc-


                        thus continue

my observational                     inherited trait


version of sedentary italics

                                                                        holding mind-malleable

purpose to delve and believe in familial





Approbations 662

—after Chris Potter’s Time Zone


 Stochastic variable

travel havoc replica

damaged mood portion

fractioned further

birth statistical depression.

Move, then move, then

depend circular arrival

then sear self young

architectural silken moments

wove-hand self serial

1st annual calligraphic

becoming vagabond of

visual modality. 




Approbations 663

—after David S. Ware’s Rapturelodic


 Made fallacious commentary


hand-magic disappearance                   (subjective pupil trickery)




            bond unbroken

undulating        sequence          serial                etc.




purposeful in delaying logical calendar of                   sedentary


            lost to dusk wearing night’s ventriloquy of





Approbations 664

—after Evan Parker’s Furrow 1



                        marriage sorted predetermined.


                        multiple lead

                        heads roam


            miracles of wondered

            ponder.  Surface

                                                neath symbol alive

though hidden

recomposes exhale desolate garbed                 away

portion uplifted by root, by all. 




Approbations 665

—after Albert Ayler’s Spiritual Rebirth


 Designated angle for belief. Reach




                                    demand script


visual need to compose anemic response as last of this variation




rebuttal to logic’s hold on reason’s fantastical




Approbations 25

—after Jacky Terrasson’s Autumn Leaves





all of the known unknown annual orange visitation.  Branch, bounce, wind


deity dancing prior to the coldest breath of earth’s unearthing spinning distance.


among into cultural equations, balancing on equator’s highlighted rope of tightened vision. Leaves

                        why we wonder about crust

formulation infection tearing against outer membrane

your skeletal exterior.  Not long ago, your birth was chlorophyll filled

laughing; now, you’ve aged, antiquated brittle

cannot engage much with levitating movement


your falling is affirmation of aerial demise, demanding focus

sustain into night’s usual ambiguity according to day’s

lighting and various displays. 





Approbations 26

—after Gonzalo Rubalcaba’s Here’s That Rainy Day




Gray, gorgeous.  Saddened

by the usual lean of dispositional leverage.  Flames

seem far away, afraid

their yellow marker underlining facet

may involve scarcity of mans’ quotidian

brevity.  Wetness, whispers.  Drizzle’s

cotton sheet wraps us, womb

of causal memory of absolute burgeon.

It is here:

                        enjoy, renege against the hate

of thirst, finalize the fortunate recovery

grass blades remind us: renewed temporal

allegorical elation. 





Approbations 27

—after David Braid’s The Music Room




















            ground’s vocal stillness

                                    poetry of research finds

adjectives surround every vital existence, not and fully ignored.


Room of expansion, mind collates each structured












Approbations 28

—after Sun Ra’s Heliocentric




Mountain, sawdust future, dissipating language

tongue-dead anchor

bridging body’s rounded bringing

absence.          Re





                                    science seared reality

understanding fiction’s frigid distance. Man

maintains eyes of the living legend,

dictates founded focus

            tales of the prophetic injuries, links

laughter, omnipresence happenstance

continuous epoch, eerily aware.





Approbations 29

—after Albert Ayler’s Spirits




Crows hammer black, iron head form

arrow sultry, serenading gray.  Body

unravels, sheet-sound



formulation concept, ascertaining, gone.  : Are

the dying beneficial     ?


cultivating     ?



becoming aware

theory of attire


                        delusion awakening

clap of thunder’s







Approbations 30

—after Albert Ayler’s Ghosts: First Variation




Walking, fallen tree

footsteps on kited meander

fish above watering’s

evaporating address.  Said

face of stone, skipped

into now’s pathway of various X

meets with face of death’s family:

akin to the living spiritual hymn

erased from memory’s tributary

echo.  Visitors of night, owls’

complimentary companion

howl moon-call bluing burgeon

child, you will never acquire

fulltime acceptance.





Painters’ Exhalations 151

—after Liu Jian’s Untitled ( lg Pale Grey


The young girl

found a self

on the petite lines

of a petal’s discarded



       where enough of its

       innate, pastel scent

       awaits her innocent arrival

atop a ground whose spine

of disrepair


within a constant pressure

to perform concrete

strength feats of

immeasurable renewal.


       She born into a background

       monotone safety of a parent’s

       watching, handholding stare,


she, unaware of a flower’s dual

identity, of the unobvious

authored companionship texture

now sleeping in content

of her fingers’ massaging




Painters’ Exhalations 152

—after Kee Tae Kim’s February 2nd


Soon, warmth,

the accolade facilitator

of flourish, primary color.


Now, a chilled room of

everydayness, ice’s hand

shows stencil skill

atop green paper of a

withered yard’s chapped incline.


Light, though,

amid the cool whisper of coming

dawn, the wrapping conversation

requiring wool atop skin to comprehend

its overwhelming meaning,

or paralleling angles of a warming

entrance, the entrance of kind mothers

attempting hug of their child’s joy.


The constant thumbprint of sun’s

strongest hand, released only by the

moon’s shift change policy as gray

undresses into naked shape, 26

more attempts will mirror this

2nd day, and boomerang will revive

its appearance after the earth

completes its routine revolution

on the forgotten, upward




Painters’ Exhalations 153

—after Tapp Francke’s What I haven’t told you


: the writing amid walls

of your capacious mind,

mirroring graffiti lesson horror

where pristine became decapitated

quick with slicing knives of breathing paint


: minds with isolated populations,

the frightened figures standing on corners

ascertaining begging will compel only echoes

of the asking voice


: when alone, sprawled across the specific

math of lying between air’s decompressing

barriers, listen to the prose your mind

pays the ears to acclimate to; within the

prosodic sequence appears stairs

travelling you from the danger caused of

harmful interpretations of imagination’s many—

choking self into a tightened transfer

of reliance on illusion-voices

scratching the back of your

unknowing throat.



Painters’ Exhalations 155

—after Chester Arnold’s Tailings


Leaving home

never fully leaves the body’s

abscond alone.


Reaching, the mind reaching, the mind

away from walls decorated with hands

leveling a life evenly


catastrophe and peace

resemble a likeness of stepsiblings’

orchestrated distance.


the body leads its function to boomerang

self into humdrum back again


steps from room to room

and eyes can lead without the knowledge

of visual detection.


As if a tail we’ve tucked deep into the thread of our moving forward,

we return to the breathing space of a comfortable

understanding, leaving what’s possible

to ascertain our absence as an abstract

rendition of our isolated




Painters’ Exhalations 159

—after Benjamin Butler’s Leafless Trees


Branches like knives

sliced their wind-tossed,

threadbare clothing into invisible

attire, leaving semblance of leaves

dangling-edged on metaphoric branches

in the memory of autumn’s

colorful motifs.  The branches

a quivering display, displaying unwanted

dance where musical sirens of bird squawks

adhere to the body’s dismembered

quality.  Look, look into the defiant bodies.

The bodies naked on the ending solstice,

reacquainting self with a hankering of

Spring’s seamstress,

sitting among every trunk’s pant leg

with redesigned designs

awaiting to reclothe,

assimilate ironic


warming weather.



Felino A. Soriano (b. 1974, California), is a case manager and advocate for developmentally and physically disabled adults.  He has authored 20 collections of poetry, including “Altered Aesthetics” (ungovernable press, 2009), and “Construed Implications” (erbacce-press, 2009). His poems have appeared at Calliope Nerve, Full of Crow, BlazeVOX, Metazen, Heavy Bear, and elsewhere.  He edits & publishes Counterexample Poetics,, an online journal of experimental artistry, and Differentia Press,, dedicated to publishing e-chapbooks of experimental poetry.  He is also a contributing editor for Sugar Mule,, and consulting editor for Post: A Journal of Thought and Feeling, Philosophical studies collocated with his connection to classic and avant-garde jazz explains motivation for poetic occurrences.  His website explains further:

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