The Jivin' Ladybug

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Leigh Herrick

stronger than that


a stronger than that.


yes.  that.   : a stronger than might of bullet to bombed Otherly faces this old tired way this pain-thinking way of suffer-ing the whole goddamned place in people-worn decades made to fallow this shoreline and that whose greed of grave-ordained smoke is burning hearts starring in escapade brutality shouts and war machismo  Oh!


I can imagine the eyes of it!  How the streaks of odium hint into hued gray bluing around induced black bubbles of pumped-up pupil yes.  this is a drug and I have put you here






Then here.




And a stronger than that


is now written in.


I’ve transcribed it



against this Proof


of how


You once existed




in the terror of audacity


       a braiding braided braid-training brain-traded aid to abetment of Not-ing-ness and

di[s]visions willing their chain-linkage of lineage-method for the DNA of sound   :   an uncial script hailing itself holy! hailing itself peace! hailing the pragmatic return: Eye

                                                                                                                             for Eye


for which the shout is cried: HAIL!  HAIL! 


HAIL!  Sanctimonious sit-about in the Situation[ist] Room! 

HAIL! Structural Defense! 

HAIL!  Eye! 

HAIL! Honing in on the See of Toward droning in the Day of Days and the Dying   

            Dawn’s Mouth moved to position of Hail! 

HAIL!  Oh, Glossary of Refined Continuity! 

HAIL!  Permanence! 

HAIL!  Growth in the nouning of deadliest verbs! 

HAIL!  Pirates of Anti-ness! 

HAIL!  Phalanges! 

HAIL!  Stupefactions of Hail! 

HAIL!  Singly numb unassailably unguent exed-unction of sound! 

HAIL!  Sans Peur et Sans Reproche! 

HAIL!  Eye! 

HAIL!  Languid proposition! 

HAIL!  Sanguinities! 


             We are come to find you!




are here! 






similitude similarity

scrumptiously sexual arboratiousness  abjuring the field of  anti-amouritiousness     


The Fallen retrieved      


The Story disengaged      


No shame in


walking away


No shame in




No shame in getting it straight       




or not






“I am taking on my disillusions and the rosy sore of my pointless tasks.”  -Vallejo, Trilce LXV


there will be nothing to stop



for I am taking the skin of it

the road of it to renewing road


time the pivot of turn turned toward postulating*




echoing my pin of my pinging clinging to my tin canned universe of



like the black                                         collapsed

the bottom released to the unreleased


taking dust


electric star






by this vortex    :    bellows


by this armature set and flamed


saying next time next turn next re-verb a

ration of spiral arm        its twists and spins


a becoming                                           spine



for the brevity of screams

called language


* An allusion to Heller Levinson's Hinge Theory





Desertification with Extinction     






hail of molecular funk  





in sound  


waves   strung&stringing   flown solid on the whole






a flung a flinging


w a r


a critic of the hung time


clutching at this wall


of fractured poems





A Tragic Blue (Vallejo)  


iris       universal cutout        someone sa[y]x it : Tragedy in Blue

orb       floating       undercivilized       un(der) (ar)rest      

meteoric day       chunks of       sexed-it mother       shook-it father      


pirated planet 


pirouetting silhouettes of solidarity











on the backs of the anatolians

on the backs of the clovis

on the backs of the africans

on the backs of the moors

on the backs of the healers

on the backs of the fathers

on the backs of the jews

on the backs of the mayans

on the backs of the blacks

on the backs of the gays

on the backs of the women

on the backs of the boys

on the backs of the girls

on the backs of the christians

on the backs of the men

on the backs of the marxists

on the backs of the crossers

on the backs of the mountains

on the backs of the mothers

on the backs of the poets

on the back of the hand

the word escaped

mistaken for wings

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