United Parish of Lunenburg
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Promotes healthy relationships between the congregation and the Pastor by providing for open and honest communication.

What do we do?
We meet monthly with the pastor and provide a mechanism to ensure the congregation and pastor are working together to the best benefit of all.  We support the pastor where possible, and conduct the annual evaluation.
The Teaching Parish Committee is a sub-committee of PPRC. 
Note: the TCP is not functioning at this time as we have no student.
Did you know we pronounce PPRC "perk"?  That's because at one time it was Pastor-Intern Relations Committee, or "PIRC".   

Meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month in the Pastor's office.
These are closed meetings.
Chair - Sarah Harrington.
Sharon Kimball
Carl Derner
Martha Leck-Leonard
Lin Vickery

You can contact PPRC about anything related to the pastor

United Parish of Lunenburg
39 Main Street
Lunenburg, MA  01462 
(978) 582-6572