United Parish of Lunenburg
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Council On Missions

The governing body of the United Parish



(as described in our February 2007 newsletter)

 The Council is the governing body of the United Parish that oversees the fulfillment of our Christian mission to parishioners and to the wider community.  Made up of officers and representatives from the United Parish ministries and meeting regularly throughout the year, the Council addresses ongoing administrative issues, new initiatives, and strategies for future service in Christ’s name.

 The Council on Mission Shall:

1.        Consist of:
The officers of the Parish
The chairpersons of all Parish committees.
The Moderator of the United Methodist Church.
The Moderator of the United Church of Christ.
The Pastor.

2.        Serve as an administrative body and be responsible for carrying out the purpose and program of the United Parish.

3.        Establish goals, set priorities, and be the decision making body of the Parish between Annual meetings.

4.        Consider, initiate and/or coordinate proposals for the Parish strategy of ministry.

5.        Create standing committees or special committees not otherwise provided for in constitution, and establish the duties thereof.

6.        See that full and balanced programs are offered to all age groups in each program area (Worship, Education, Mission, etc.).

7.        Plan for and conduct the Annual Meeting of the United Parish.

8.        Meet monthly.

9.        Oversee the maintaining, updating and approval of job descriptions.

10.        Review monthly committee reports.


Meets the 4th Monday of the month in Andrew Hall.
Moderator - Michael Gale
Chairs of all committees.

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