United Parish of Lunenburg
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Building and Grounds

Buildings and Grounds is not a janitorial service!  Read on...

We are made up of several members who help out according to their schedule and current energy level.  Some of us are very active and some are appreciated any time they are able to help.
Our group has a variety of tasks and responsibilities.  The whole church membership is a giant feedback machine happily helping us to define our duties.  We generally perform all the carpentry/painting/mechanical and facility oversight tasks that we are comfortable doing ourselves.  At times, contractors are hired, with which we define our needs, take bids and provide coordination.  For instance in the past we have:
  • re-wired light systems
  • re-built ceilings
  • performed pew repairs and modifications
  • installed insulation
  • eaten great quantities of Dave Stone's delicious baked goods
  • burned brush with pyromanical Boy Scouts
  • tended to the gardens and grounds in a mulch and fertilizer sense
  • listened to and learned from each other
  • installed a dishwasher and attic stairway at the parsonage
  • prepared our annual meal for Our Fathers House which we delivered and served
  • hang the star in the sanctuary
  • coordinate with our fina janitor - Steve Aker
  • performed the yearly lubrication of our heating system
  • and many other associated tasks.
We meet one a month and I find this a fellowship of folks who appreciate the satisfactions involved in completing a finite task.  Our work parties are get-togethers with tools and similar intentions.  We give to our church with our hands and the time we are able to give.
Anyone interested in more information or desiring to work with us, speak to one of themembers or call Walter at 978-582-0489.

B&G meets the 2nd Thursday of the month at 6:30PM.
Chaired by Glenn DuBois
David Aalto
Bob Ervin
Matt Snyder

What type of B&G information would you like to see here?

United Parish of Lunenburg
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