United Parish of Lunenburg
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Christian Education

Furthering the faithful journey outside of the sermons and service...

The Education Committee consists of the Director of Educational Ministries and a group of volunteers who meet monthly to determine the Church School curriculum, schedules, plan special events, and overall to ensure the programs continue to run smoothly. 
Downstairs at Coffee and Conversation, there is often a board that describes all the differenet opportunities to share you talents with our children.  You only have to do it a few Sundays, but you'll want to come back again and again.
All UPL members are invited to join any of our meetings to discuss overall poicy, or individual concerns.  Or maybe even to help out.  We try to make the programs valuable for all of our students, young and old.  Besides, the meetings are fun and sometimes we have food as long as it is not too healthy. 

Meets: 3rd Wednesday at the home of a member
Chair: none at this time
members share chair-person responsibilities
Christie Blake
Kathie Davis
Kathrine Jasmine
Kim Morse
Prudence Parsons
Susan Sliwa
Ruth Ann White, Director of Educational Ministries
Senior Youth Fellowship: open
Junior Youth Fellowship: open

What type of Education information would you like to see here?

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