United Parish of Lunenburg
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Worship Committee

The purpose of the Worship Committee is to promote spiritual growth through meaningful worship services.

Worship Committee Duties:
- Collaborate with the pastor in planning and providing for music, ushers, furnishings, paraments, sacramental elements of worship, and floral decorations.
- Coordinate time and place of worship events, with the professional staff and with other committees as needed.
- Promote and implement lay participation in worship.
- Periodically conduct training sessions for ushers, lay readers, communion stewards and acolytes.
- Be responsible for:  changing hymnals as needed (Methodist/UCC), maintaining altar, pulpit, lecturn and communion cloths, keeping the cross and candle holders polished and changing candles as needed.
- Coordinate plans for seasonal celebrations.
- Be responsible for liturgical decorations.
- Survey the congregation to provide regular feedback to the pastor on all aspects of worship services and together determine the appropriate response.
- Recommend variations in worship patterns and procedures.
- In cooperation with the pastor, be responsible for filling the pulpit in the absence of the pastor.  Notify the treasurer of the fee to be paid to the visiting pastors.  Notify the substitute of special announcements.
- Prepare an annual worship budget and submit to the Finance Committee.
- Prepare annual contracts and reviews for the Minister of Music and Organist.

Worship Committee Members
Chair: Michael Gale
David Aalto
Mary Foyle
Nancy Gray
Beverly Michaud
Dwight Smith
Jami Boyle, Interim Pastor (Ad Hoc)
Sharon Kimball, Directory of Music Ministry (Ad Hoc)

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