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Church School Schedule


Family Faith Formation

 21st Century Faith Formation

Faith formation is a process that helps people from every age group to grow in their faith, through their congregation as well as their daily lives.

This process guides individuals and families in discerning their spiritual/religious needs and helps them in creating their own personal pathways for faith growth and learning. It is “the umbrella” under which we find “Church School classes”, but it includes all the learning and growing that happens when we are gathered as a faith community or at home with our families or in any other place we find ourselves.  Every moment is a teaching moment.

 21st Century Faith Formation is a process that offers programs not just in physical settings, but in virtual settings as well, and may often combine these settings to accommodate all groups/individuals. The process adapts to the  technological advancements of the past century, and the continuing advancements that lead individuals away from the need to necessarily be physically present with each other.  It is not a question of EITHER technology, OR meeting face-to-face; it is includes BOTH of these!


   Enjoying Church School classes on Sunday mornings

 Learning through cooking, drama, music, science, computers, storytelling, games, art and video

 Raking leaves at parishioners homes

 Selling baked goods to raise money for the animal shelter

 Sorting UNICEF coins after Halloween

 Taking “thank you” cookies to our first responders

 Playing with the children at the MIHN Shelter for homeless families

 Helping in the Nursery

 Sharing between a confirmand and mentor

 Leading a prayer at Children’s Time in Worship

 Greeting Easter worshippers with “Alleluia Bells”

 Grandparents sharing their life stories, struggles, and faith with children

 Interacting and exploring Our Faith Formation website at home

 Visiting Heifer Project center in Rutland

 Realizing the many ways we are shaped as disciples of Jesus

   Over the last three years, members of our church have explored everything we knew and believed and lived out that we call “Christian Education”.  We read, discussed, listened, brainstormed, experimented and evaluated.  We are very excited about our program this year which is the result of all that loving effort.

  So this year we have:

The Familiar

 Chapel Time,

 Family Sunday, first Sunday of each month

 Graded classes on Sunday morning at 9am,

 Junior Church, during worship

 Family Gatherings.

 Some New Things

 “re:form” a program of engaging questions for teens,

 Family Faith Formation programs to send you home with new and enhanced tools to live out your faith at home or where ever you find yourself,

 Family Faith Formation Website to connect and support families to amplify what happens here in our time together and to provide information and resources when you are not able to be with us.  Fun for the kids too!

 Email or call Ruth Ann White with questions.

our Church School meets:

     September  - May  

Volunteers are ALWAYS needed
See Ruth Ann White,
Director of Educational Ministries
to learn more about volunteer opportunities available in our Church School

Schedule Fof Faith Formation Classes & Worship


  8:45am       Teachers & Shepherds arrive to be ready for class

  9:00am       Grades Pre-K to 9 meet in the Chapel before moving to classrooms.

                     Grades 10-12 meet in Andrew Hall for Breakfast Club.

10:15am      Faith Formation Classes end, Parents pick up students at Parish House.

10:30am      Worship in the Sanctuary; “Junior Church” after “Children’s Time” in Vestry (except on Family Sunday); Nursery available

11:30am      Coffee Hour in the vestry

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Lunenburg, MA  01462 
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