United Parish of Lunenburg
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Welcome to the Land of Good Breakfasts!


      Here at the United Parish of Lunenburg, we have a high school class every Sunday morning known as the Breakfast Club. We get together, worship, have some activities, and sometimes raise money for the church.
     Our latest fundraiser was an Italian Night at Andrew Hall on Saturday, November 10. Our Italian Night was a huge success. We raised $515 for the church. Serving our customers delicious Italian food, we ended up with some rave reviews! Afterwards, the breakfast club had a sleepover at Andrew Hall. We played games, had some music playing,and had some great fun! We all got cozy in are sleeping bags to get a pleasing night's sleep.
   last UPDATE Nov. 2010

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BREAKFAST CLUB Schedule 2012
Feb. 5   Family Sunday, no class
Feb. 12   Rock Climbing 10am depart
Feb.  19   school vacation, no class
Feb. 26   Computer & Art activities
March 4   Family Sunday, no class  BUT
                see GODSPELL
                at Monty Tech  2pm show
March 11   meet in Youth Room,
March  18   Planning Italian Night
March  25   Planning Italian Night
April 1   Palm Sunday,
            Family Sunday, no class
April 8   Easter Sunday, no class
April 15   school vacation,  no class
April 22   Planning 30 Hour Famine
April 29   Planning 30 Hour Famine
May 5-6   30 HOUR FAMINE
              Planning Mother's Day Service
May 13  Worship Leaders, Mother's Day

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United Parish of Lunenburg
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