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COM Meeting Summary

COM meets the 4th Monday of each month at 7PM.  COM is the governing and coordinating body of the congregation. Although it is open to anyone, each committee is requested to send a representative and only these members have voting rights.
The meeting starts with updates from committees.  This ensures we are all aligned and are working towards common goals.

A note from the Moderator      


  Do You Have the Faith to Change?

  The Council on Missions (COM) was challenged with this at this month’s meeting.  So, I ask you to ask yourself – do you have the faith to change?

    Do we, as a congregation, have the faith to make the tough decisions even if they may be risky or unpopular?  Maybe safe, secure and conservative is the right way to go?  Or, is it just the easy way?

   What about at home?  Do you make faith based decisions?  Our 2014 stewardship campaign is underway with the theme of “Enough:  Discovering Joy through Simplicity and Generosity.”  How are you prioritizing your financial resources and where does faith fit in?  There are many programs that the congregation would like to fund.  There are also many that we need to fund.  In order to reach our wider mission, we need to have the resources to do so.

   We also must finish 2013 strong.  As of this writing we are over $10,000 behind budget in pledge income.  If you are behind, please make every effort to catch up to your pledged amount as we are counting on it for operations.  Note: if you wish to, we are also able to accept recurring electronic funds transfers if that is easier for you.  Please contact your bank and the church office for additional information.

   With your stewardship and a strong finish to 2013, we hope to be in a good position to maintain present operational needs, however, we need people to dig deep in order to fund long term needs.  In the last few years we have been forced to whittle away, and have had to eliminate annual funding of our Sabbatical Fund, Major Equipment Maintenance Fund, Capital Fund, Emergency Fund as well as our UCC and UMC contributions.  We need to dig deeper in order to get back to where we need to be with these funds.

   We are also still faced with evaluating our building needs.  The congregation has previously authorized the sale of the Parish House.  This doesn’t mean we have to or will sell the building.  What it means is we have to consider all alternatives.  A great deal of time and effort has been put into building studies and evaluating space needs.  There are strong opinions on both sides of the coin about selling the Parish House.  Some are afraid of not having a solution to the space needs before selling, if we decide to, while others believe we need to have faith that if we sell the Parish House, we can find a way without having all the answers in advance.  To move forth with some of the building expansion programs that were evaluated, it would require a significant Capital Campaign program.  This takes significant time and effort and resources to do.

   Our first and most important order of business must be to finish 2013 strong and to achieve a generous stewardship campaign so that we can get back to funding all the programs that we have committed ourselves to now and in the past.  A lot of this will require us to be making faith based decisions both with COM and in each of our own homes.  Once we see how we all respond to our calling for 2014, we will be in a better position to evaluate the short term and long term base needs for our buildings.


Derek T. Welch, Moderator


 Our governing body is Council On Mission or COM.  We often post a summary of the most recent meeting here.  We have given the space to the PPRC in order to announce the news of our new pastors.  COM will share a report in the near future.

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