United Parish of Lunenburg
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Committees and Groups

Joining a committee or group is a great way to meet new people and get involved in an activity you enjoy.  Check out the page for each committee or group for meeting times or to learn more, or how to contact them for more information.
NOTE: Most committee meetings are Open Meetings except as noted.

Committee/Group Name
Meeting Time
The Council On Missions is the governing body for the United Parish.  It is run by the Moderator and includes the chairs of all committees
4th Monday, 7PM

The Lay Pastors share in Pastoral care for our congregation.

1st  Thrusday
(closed meetings)

Global Missions manages our faith relationship outside our immediate community.

1st Thursday 6:30pm chapel

Christian Education is responsible for Church School programs.

3rd Wednesday 6PM

The Shawl Ministry creates shawls and other hand made items filled with prayers for the person who receives them.
alternating Mondays
chapel  9:30am
The Senior Choir leads us all in song and spirit.
Thursdays 7pm

Building and Grounds keeps the place usable!

2nd Thursday  6:30pm

Pastor-Parish Relations is responsible for ensuring the congregation and the Pastor have a healthy and open relationship, one in which both can grow their fullest.

2nd Wednesday  (Closed meeting.)

The Finance Committee helps us all figure out how we can conduct all the mission work we want to do, and still pay the heating bills!

3rd Wednesday,
7PM chapel

The Worship Committee plans all the worship programs.
3rd Wednesday, 7PM

Outreach manages our faith relationship within our community.

March and October

The Social Committee gets us to come to meetings and events by playing to our stomachs!

As needed

Stewardship helps us all understand how to give eagerly and thoughtfully.

as needed

The Endowment Board manages the lasting gifts left to us by former members.

As needed

Memorials and Special Gifts is responsible for receiving and the disposition of funds and other gifts, in honor or rememberance of loved ones.

As needed

The Safe Church Committee makes sure our childern are protected, and that they trust a faith community to take care of them.

As needed

Nominations is responsible for finding out who wants to serve where, and getting that information to COM.

as needed

Check our calendar page for listings of events.

United Parish of Lunenburg
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