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Church School Activities

Our youth activities promote our values and help build lifelong friendships.

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A Peek at our Faith Formation Age Level Programs

Pre-K and K:  After Chapel Time, the children go to their own classroom. With the security of a consistent team of teachers. Nancy Gangnon and Julie Ervin use storytelling, singing, prayer and snack to share God’s love and our love.  They learn the Golden Rule, and communion basics.  It’s all about love and fun!


Grades 1-5:  Meet in the chapel each Sunday morning then move to a rotation activity.  They will explore the Topic of the Rotation (see above) using some combination the following media:  Art, Computers, Cooking, Games, Music, Science, Storytelling, or Video.  With consistent Shepherds and rotating teachers many Bible concepts are explored in an interactive and fun setting.


Middle School students (grades 6-9) Junior Breakfast Club; will be part of a program designed to:

 Guide our youth to discover how the Bible, God and our church relate to their lives.

 Create a strong community where they can draw strength and put their faith into action.

 Encourage them to identify and develop a personal ministry and a group mission.

We are trying to respect their growing interests and needs—not yet high school but no longer elementary. 


High School “Jesus said to them, ‘Come and have breakfast.'" (John 21:12).

   High School Students (grades 10-12) are invited to join “The Breakfast Club” for breakfast, fellowship and discussion.  Come! With Adam Weber, Lin Vickery and Dwight Smith as guides.  Discover what it really means to follow Jesus. We plan to repeat our UNICEF Halloween party.  Other activities will depend on the discoveries and interests of the group.  (Parents: expect to be contacted about taking turns providing breakfast for the group.)


Both Junior and Senior Breakfast Club will be using the “Three-legged stool” theory of youth programming; if one leg is lost, then the stool collapses!

You will see in their schedule a combination of these, moving beyond the walls of the church for fun and mission activities and incorporating an exciting new resource called “re:form” which explores faith questions such as:

 Is the Bible really true?

 Why should I pray when God doesn’t answer all my prayers?

 Can I do something bad enough to make God

 stop loving me?

The leaders have been meeting and planning during the summer.  It’s going to be a great year!


Breakfast Club (High School)

Food is the magic that bonds teenagers and leaders in their in-church and outside-church activities.
Please visit at 9:00 on any Sunday morning from September through May,
and see why our church education program continues to grow
and is a model for other programs.
For more information, please contact
Director of Educational Ministries:  Ruth Ann White


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