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Welcome to Lucia Torchia-Thompson's website!

Welcome to my web page.  This will be my way of getting all of my students excited about the subject they'll study; keeping them up to date on assignments; and providing them with valuable online resources. 
Each course I teach will have its own page.  I'll add information from time to time, so keep checking. 

Events and Announcements
Fall Term begins ~  26 September 2005
Fall Term ends ~ 09 December 2005

Days off


People climbing books



Meet the Challenge!

Clipart of a pencil; Size=135 pixels wide

Here, I might put a weekly brain teaser, for example:

Three less than 4 times a number is greater than 4 times the sum of the number and 1. Find all such numbers.

Last week's answer: 4
Last week's winner: Brad

Please get in touch with any questions or comments on my site.

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