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Shallow (vs. Deep) thoughts...

First link is a "then" video.  The second is a "now" video (although not 2008).
Like fine wine...they have improved with age!
Great band!  Philadelphia Soul owner cute!  Soon to begin their World Tour in Giant's Stadium, NY, next year.
The only fair and balanced news on television today even if Mrs. Dunn doesn't like it.  Sorry Mrs. Dunn, wherever you are!
A great talk radio station, especially between 12 PM and 9 PM.  Rush, Sean, and Mark - great insight on the state of things today!
His book, "Common Sense" is sobering. 
Best comedy ever!  Pam and Jim are married - Yeah!
Can't wait til January 2010! Best action show ever!  Jack Bauer is my hero!
Great 'drama' television in every sense of the word.
Cute show about relationships.
What can I say?  I ballroom dance (a little).
The Boys of Summer keep me happy!  WORLD CHAMPIONS OF BASEBALL!
These fellows help me bide my time til the The Boys of Summer come back!
Gary Cherone's 2005 CD Need I Say More on

No, I don't just listen to music and watch television, and enjoy selected sports.
I do lots of things about which no one knows or cares to know. 
Here is one thing, though, which I will share:  I enjoy working out at the gym.  Kickboxing offers a great cardio workout!