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Dan's detailed discographies:

Raoul Bj÷rkenheim | | Jim Pepper
Pierre D°rge | | Barre Phillips
Marc Ducret | | Michael Riessler
James Emery | | John Surman
Art Lande | | Edward Vesala
Michael Moore | | Eberhard Weber

Links to other discographies

Note: Verizon has informed their users that, as of August 21, 2011, "to ensure security", they will no longer permit FTP access to personal web pages.
As the only tool they provide for maintaining such pages appears to require recreating all my pages from scratch, I don't know how soon I will be able to update these pages again. It may be some time.
I expect that Verizon will eventually charge their fee every month for providing access to nothing, as that will be the only way to ensure complete security.

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