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Hello and welcome to the offical Site of Josh Boone Fans.
There will be upgrade's and changes on this site as I get more time to update it.
Please feel free to read my Blog's, contact me and just have fun.

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This weblog is my online journal. You'll find my opinions on a variety of topics as well as links to other things on the web that I find interesting. When the spirit moves me, I may also include longer essays.

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Josh just keep treading water
Josh, I know how much you want to play and win and such, so i will tell you this much. Keep pratcing, keep up the hard work, never let down, and do not be hard on yourself.
You are going to get your chance, maybe not this year, maybe it will be this year, but if you do the right things in the summer and you know what I am takling about ( pratice, hard work, having fun, going to the summer league) you will have a very good chance to not just play next year but to also start. It's up to you Josh, not anyone else, i think you just need to have fun, play and do not be hard on yourself, if something happens let it go, make up for it. Someone told me something yesterday and that was " The heck with the past it allready happend" Boonie take that advice and shake it off.
You can do this, your rather large Rookie Fan base know's you can do this.
Josh play hard, go to the summer league, pratice, and play hard and you will be a very good player to come.\
Dont you want to hear over the PA System at PF 6-10 245 From UCONN #2 Josh BOOOOOOOOOONE?
You can do this, I know you can
People keep them entries coming, they are due 3/15.
Thanks For reading,
The Boone Fans
6:33 am est

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Josh Boone you need to work Hard, Yes I am calling you out, and Day 3 of why Frank should be fired.
First off today is Day 3 of the Fire Frank Serries and today the topic is. Lack of playing the young guys. Durring his time as the NJ Nets head coach, Frank has never for the most part played his rookie's, and other young player's, yes he has played some this year however Boone, and Adams still sit and do nothing, let me ask you how is our future PF from what the Nets saied going to get better by sitting? How is Adams going to go from Raw to special by sitting?
Frank Donald is on the Phone he is telling me " Larry Your Fired"
Now then, Josh today I call on you to keep your head up, get your head out of your azz, and work your azz off, Josh you can win the starting Job here next year, you just need to work, work and work, put down the Wil, go get someone and play basketball, Josh you can do it, we know you can you always come up to a changle like the Duke game in the Final 4 in 2004, we know you can do it.
Just work a little on the D ( Think you are a good D Player)
And work on your O Game, a down low move, a nice shoot that is not a dunk or a layup, and your hand's, though I think they are getting better.
Josh all the best to you and your future with the Nets.
Dont forget people to enter that contest.
Thank's for reading ( Not you Larry Frank)
The Fans
4:41 am est

Monday, February 26, 2007

I dont know what to say, I really dont and day 2 of why the Nets should fire Frank
First off Day 2 as to why the nets should fire Frank, today it is a little something called lack of willing to chnange, most coach's when something does not work over and over agian would change the way that things where being done, nope not larry. He countines to keep Jason Collins in there down the stretch as well as Cliffy at time's, both of these guys are huge risk's out there, as we saw in the Bobcats game some time back all a team need do is foul Collins, in that game Frank's coach's had to tell him many time's to get Collins out before he did. This is what we have running our team? It's a joke.
Now into the matter of last night, i did not see the game, as my power went out and i did not get it back till shortly afterwards. I did read the box score, and 2 Bleeping Mins of playing, that is just down right wrong, I am sorry but it is. I am not shocked that this is something that Frank would do, he seems to hate Josh for whatever reason, and will not play him, I have come to the end where it is not even worth it to get overly upset about this, I do know at this rate that cause of Frank Josh will probally be out of NJ.
Thanks Frank you make us proud!!!!
Thanks for reading and I give up on Boone's playing time, just make sure you start to protest outside Frank's office, Home, CAA, The Rat's, and Rod's Home. Also you may mail your letters in to the Nets. Together we can be heard as one, as a group, and as fans we can make the diffrence. Stand up and be heard.
5:58 am est

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Josh you got to work to be succesfull and good. Also Day 1 of why Frank should be fired.
First off, today we will start a serries of why Frank should be fired as the Head coach of the Nets, today's reason is lack of sucess.
In Frank's  year's as the head coach of the Nets he has not onced got this team even close to a championship, with a team with this much talent and this high of payrol in three players of Kidd, Carter, Jeferson this team should atleast be near winning the East under Frank we have not. I dont care about the injuries this year good coach's find ways around it, and that does not mean playing Jason Collins and Cliffy for 38:11 total in the game.
Frank you have not done anything great as a coach here, you suck Please leave. As the Great Donald would say Larry " your fired"
Now on to other matters at hand. Josh I want you to think when people look back your time as a Basketball player in 10 15 or maybe more years what do you want them to recall about you. You have the poentaital to be a very good player, you just need to keep your head in the game, foucs and play. Your a smart Guy both in basketball and in general i know you know what you need to do.
As I have said time after time, I look at you and I see Dvaid Lee in you, do you see it in you? You can do it Josh I know you can, just trust yourself and have fun and you will be a nice player.
We all as Nets fans, as well as that vist this site are rooting for you, please make us proud.
Thank you for reading ( Not you Larry Frank)
The Boone fans, and the Frank Must go Fans.
9:04 am est

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Frank you are a asshole
Sorry Guy's I have a lot that I want to let out today, I am so pissed off right now with the way Frank has been playing Josh Boone and Adams.
This coach countines day in and day out to play the lights out Combo of Jason Stiffins and Aunt Cliffy, both have been outplayed by Josh Boone, and yet Boone is still only getting limited time in the 1st half. Agian Boone has a nice 1st half, and agian one would think even more so up by as much as 27, that Josh and Adams would be in the game nope guess what we where wrong.
Out comes the Cliffy.
This coach does not learn, he really does not. News Flash Larry they way the Nets have been playing you will be going no where, why do you countine to go to something in Cliffy and Stiffins that does not work? Why is it that you dont play Boone in the 2nd half as well. Frank I hate you, you are a Dumb short litlle know nothing, the Nets mangmnet will see that you suck as well. Dont worry Fans the day is coming when Frank will be gone.
You Play Adams for 50 Sec's WTF? I love the stat line of Boone having better #'s in his short time then your best pal's Cliffy and Stiffins did.
I ask upon everyone to make sure you vist and to be heard. I also ask on everyone to protest outside Frank's Office, Home, CAA, and as well as the Rat's, and Rod's Home. Also please make sure you get your voices heard letters can be sent to the NJ Nets, lets be heard, lets stand up and do what is right for this team.
Fire Frank, Bench Cliffy, bench Stiffins and we can win.
Thank you for reading ( Not you Frank)
The Fans
6:26 am est

Friday, February 23, 2007

Josh we need you more than ever.
Hey Josh we as people who root for you and the Nets know that we now need you more than ever if this team wants to make the playoff's. Dont worry about the time you get that will work things out it's self, just worry about what Josh can do to help this team. You have been playing great as of late, both on O and D, Josh you are getting better and Better and we can see it.
Josh I know this rookie year for you has been painfull, but things are looking up for you right now, keep playing hard and tuff making the key plays and you will be starting here, there is no reason for you not to be getting more Mins.
Josh i want to see you play a lot and tuff tonight vs the Kings they anit the Kings you the King.
Make as proud
Thanks for reading
Josh Boone fans
9:23 am est

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hey Frank you Idoit
Frank you are by far the dybest coach in the NBA, What is it with you and Jason Collins the  guy has 1 point and 5 boards as a starer, that is down right awful. After having Josh Boone play very soild for you in the 1st half, one would think that would give him more mins in the 2nd half, But one guessed wrong. Instead you go back to the player who is hated the most by Nets fan's, Jason Stiffins. When will you and your lack of Game mangment wake up and see things? You are lucky to be the Nets head coach as none of the other teams in the NBA would want you.
Frank the time has come, You are the weakest Link. Good Bye.
Josh very good showing by you last night, I am not surprised as I know the way you play, and that is something i know you can do all the time. Trust me keep playing hard, making plays like that and you will get your time to step up and shine.
With the Trade deadline near, here are my thoughts. I 100% think the Nets should trade both Kidd and Carter,and Jason Stiffins ( Oh wait I mean Collins) Kidd is making a huge amount of money $41 million on our cap over the next two years is just too much for a 34 year old PG. Jason I like you you did a lot for the nets but the time has come, plus you have a major shot at winning a ring in LA, Plus take Jason Stiffins with you the Nets fans are pleading with you.
VC from what i hear will not be back as a Net, Rod you got to get something out of his vaule, a Draft Pick, a Player, something.
Rod also i have heard that Stiffins is holding things up with trade's, well make it work send Stiffins packing his 6 million cap # is down right deadly.
So Today just recall this Line on your way to whatever it is you do.
Thank you for reading
Josh Boone's Fans
6:14 am est

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Josh we need you now more than ever
Josh today will be the first game after the allstar break, I hope your break was nice, I hope your new sound system in your Car is nice, But i want to see you get more playing time and to do that you got to work hard and hard. I know you will the Nets need you more tha ever starting tonight at 24-29 the playoffs are slowly going away however you can make that change if you can play well with what given.
Josh we all know you have been through Hell this year, and we see the light ahead for you, Play Hard, Play Tuff have fun. You can beat N.O. Go attack them down low and tell them this is Boone's post not your's, get that Ball out of here.
Josh have a great 2nd half to the season, You will be better than the 1st half.
The fans.
6:04 am est

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Yo Josh go tear it up.
Josh after watching the Rookie-Sophomore game last night, I saw a player by the name of David Lee who is a PF/C just like yourself form the Knicks. He reminds me a lot of you at UCONN, If you work hard enough and i know you will, not only will you be a major part of this team, you will be in that game playing with Marcus, Rudy and other's. That would be a great thing for the UCONN Program you helped out so much.
Just countine and I know you will to work hard and harder, ask Marcus to work with you he will help you out a lot. It's still great to see you two from UCONN to the NBA together on the same team.
Dont Fear, Just have fun and you will be a fine soild player for the Nets for a long time to come.
Enjoy your rest
The Fans
6:18 am est

Friday, February 16, 2007

Dont Really know what to talk about today.
Josh hope you are getting some much needed rest and down time, Heard you got a nice New Audio system for you Car put in, Man your Ride has to be something else.
Josh someone just gave me a great idea get a Basketball put one or two cups in it and then have like Marcus or a fellow teamamte passes it to you. If you can catch that you can catch a basketball a lot more easy.
The Fans
6:54 am est

Thursday, February 15, 2007

NO Boone = NO win
Hey Frank why do you not use Boone last night? You are a Joke as a Coach and you should be fired Now. I dont know why Boone did not play, Josh did you not feel well last Night? Where you still tired from the night before? Fact is the Nets lost agian and Boone saw nothing this time.
Josh enjoy your much needed rest, and just keep fighting you have so much talent just keep playing, and Collins will be fearing you. Stay away from Jason right now. He Knows you are coming and that his seat is on the bench.
Frank you are a Joke, Good Bye Frank. Frank can you ever make a good thing happen?
Thanks for Reading
Fans of Boone
11:47 am est

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Keep it Up Josh, Keep it up.
First off Josh, dont worry about the Loss last Night things happen like this all the time in sports, you guys where short a few player's and did your best.
Josh you are getting better and better, we are so proud of you we knew you could do it. You last night agian had a soild game with 8 points, 8 Board's, and 1 ass. You also hit all of your FT'S dont it feel good to be able to do that?
Keep up the good work, and Frank will start feeling it as to why you dont get enough time, you are a bright smart kid with a high IQ and will only get better.
With the Loss and the Rap's win last night the Nets are now 3.5 games back in the Atlantic with a Big game for both teams tonight when they play eachother.
Josh go give them hell, let them know who own's the inside, give them a few dunk's and keep hitting those FT'S, By the way stay away from Collins, at this rate you will have his job next year, i dont think he is going to be too happy about that.
Thanks for reading
6:58 am est

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Better Late then never
Sorry guy's for the late blog, was at school allday and when i tried to post to the blog at school durning my computers class it would not allow me to.
Anyway Jason Kidd is out for the game tonight vs the Supurs, so Marcus Williams will start at PG, With the Injury to Kidd we should expect to see more of the bench tonight, which inculdes are favorite player here at the site Josh Boone.
Now a message to Josh, you have played so well the last 2 games, keep it up tonight vs the Supurs and shut them down, make sure to tell them who's paint it is. It is your Paint. And give a few Dunk's for us, as well as getting some Boards and moving the ball around.
Good luck Nets and good Luck Josh.
5:09 pm est

Monday, February 12, 2007

Nothing Much today.
Just would like to thank all of those who have visted. Please be advised that this site will become JoshBooneFans. Com or Net in the near future. not sure as to which one yet.
Also a Message for Josh, Josh keep Playing hard keep your head up, and make sure you Pratice, yes Pratice as you will only get better. I know it has been a very long road with your shoulder, and I am as well as the people of this site are so happy that things are finally turning for the good for you.
You got Game, keep it up and Frank will have no choice but to keep playing you. Just countine working on getting Board's, making the FT'S, and getting a good jump shot, take my advice on the summer, it will only help you. Just be Physical when someone tries to challange you down low just tell them who's paint it is, It's Your's not there's.
I am Dustin Koch
Thank's for reading
6:03 am est

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Magic Nets Game.
First off very nice win as we look now to be getting our foucs and game back just at the right time.
With the Nets win last night and the raptor's Lose the Nets are now 2.5 Games back in the Atlantic. Get ready folks this is going to get good.
Last Night's game was a outstanding one, VC played well as did the Bench lead by Marcus Williams and fellow Huskie Josh Boone.
Josh has been playing very well as of late, he seems to finally be getting it alltogether and as we go on this season one can hope that Frank will play him a little more as he finally seems to be getting it all together.
As far as summer plan's for Josh I think he Marcus, a few other players and Cartwright need to be locked in a Gym and are not coming out till Boone can Hit 3's Blindfolded.
Go Nets, Go Josh we here at JoshBooneFans are so happy that you are finally starting to show what we all knew you had. Keep up the good work.
I am Dustin Koch
Thanks for Reading
6:59 am est

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Is today the Day?
So it has come to my mind that we have a Game Today vs the Magic, the last time these two teams played the game got bad quick, in that Game though some of our future players played very well, as well as josh having the 2nd most amount of points (10) with only VC having more with 21.
So the question now becomes, is today we get to see more of Boone playing or will Frank do what he does best and over work his starters. Why is Jason Collins starting? I must of missed something about that.
The answer to the question is I dont know, But  I hope Frank wakes up. Boone has looked pretty good at times and at times looked like a rookie.
Lets Go Josh, and the bench.
2:15 pm est

Boston Game, and Hello Idiot Coach Lawrence Frank
First off nice win last night in Boston, we won great that is great, however we should of beaten Boston as they have been really hit hard with the injury bug.
The Raptors beat the Lakers Last Night 96-92 so the Nets stay 3.5 games back in the crappy atlantic.
Up nearly 20 points at the start of the 4th qtr, Lawrence Frank had many chances to play his whole, bench inculding Boone who in 7 mins in the 1st half seemed to be pretty good. Well what does this Idiot coach do, he countines to play his starters that are tired and need a rest, in fact he brings out Jason Collins and Cliffy robinson, Huh coach you are well on your way to winning here, what do you have aginst using your bench? The Bench, Josh and the Fans should be getting better from you. In fact up by allmost 20 you bring out Jason Kidd, what if he would have gotten hurt durring that time? Could we see the outcry from the media and the fan's?
What do you have aginst Boone? Is it the Hair, is it that you just dont like him what? We the fans want and need answer's. I really do hope you get fired as you dont like rookie's, your team this year is under what it should be, and well you seem lost.
Thank you for Reading
Dustin Koch.
4:35 am est

Friday, February 9, 2007

NBA Live 2007 or 2K7 Which one is better?
A very Good question I think.
In  NBA Live 2007 you get a good game with good play by play, you get a good game in my view. It is hard to learn the gameplay in my view.
In NBA 2K7 which is the cheaper game, you get very good opition's, good gameplay, and get a good game for the price.
So in My view NBA 2K7 is the better game, as well as it will save you a some money as well.
But both Are very good games. Just my Thoughts
9:11 am est

First Blog, First Thoughts
Hello all and thanks for reading this blog.
I would first like to thank you for reading this site, and coming here, We will be making changes as I get some down time.
If there is anything I can add on please let me know.
Now anyway
This is the offical Site for Josh Boone Fan's, please feel free to email me me pictures or other things that I can use for the site.
Some people out there myself inculded want to know Why Josh does not get more playing time, and the answer is I really dont know. What I can say is that Josh will only get better as we go, as he Marcus and Cartwright will be in the gym working all summer long.
Thanks for reading
I am Dustin Koch and I run this site.
7:23 am est

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