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Hello and welcome to the offical Site of Josh Boone Fans.
There will be upgrade's and changes on this site as I get more time to update it.
Please feel free to read my Blog's, contact me and just have fun.

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Saturday, March 31, 2007

We have a star in the making
And that Star's name is Boone, Josh
Agian played very well vs a Pistons team that is very good.
Boone 17 Points, 6 boards, 2 blocks, 1 assist in 20 Mins.
Josh Boone is the NBA'S Hotest player right now in terms of stats, he is playing lights out. Just think Nets fans what is going to be when he gets the chance to start next season?
Collins is a joke, Boone owns him
Hey Josh Just wanted to send you a big thanks for your time and effort of visting the Children the other day, a very humble and honarble thing for you to do, yourself, Wright, Kittles, and Sly( no, not Sly my cat, Sly the fox) are all making a diffrence in children's life.
We are all very blessed to have you and others doing that in the community.
Nice Job Josh you made some children's days who really needed it. Countine to play hard and well and only good things will happen.
6:31 am est

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Doube Double
First off the nets took care of some rather important business last night vs the Pacers. I hope everyone had there odor eaters out as you could smell the stink of the pacers father than the NJ Meadowlands.
Now then, Josh Boone had his first ever NBA Double Double 22 points, 10 Boards, 10-12 FG. Boone is turning into the nets future PF. I am not at all surprised by his play Boone did this well at UCONN, and I knew he always would in the NBA. Josh was the player of the game last night as voted on by the fans, and got 51% of the vote he beat out Kidd, Carter, and Jeferson. After the game when Mav Albert of the yes Network was able to get Boone for a interview, Josh sumed it up by saying this " I have been giving extra playing time and making the most of the time, he also said that all of the playing time has made his confendnce level higher"
Josh The starting PF Boone
5:23 am est

Sunday, March 25, 2007

And now starting at PF From UCONN, 6-10 247 #2 Josh Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooone
Ok That's it, All I am going to say is give Boone the starting PF Job.
Jason Collins is Crap, Boone ownes him.
Enough said.
6:32 am est

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Boone was one of the only bright spots last night.
First off this team has some major problems.
Collins is not a starting Big men in the NBA
Frank is not a good NBA Head Coach
Kidd is of late too streaky
Carter is too selfish and streaky
RJ Is coming off major sugery.
Boki had a off night
Marcus must of left himself at the airport.
Boone attacked well last night, but could not hit all the FT'S.
I think Boone needs to be starting now, he is raw but he is getting better and is going to be good in time. I like when he attacks the rim, I like when he plays D, He gets them boards like the people at a sale at Kmart.
I like what the future holds for Josh with some more muscle, and some more willings to attack the rim the nets have a PF of the future here.
Jason Collins and Larry Frank need to both go home and get away from NJ. I hear there is a free land thing in Alaska, just maybe that is a thought.
If we dont bear the BobCats tonight my Blog on Sun will be even worse than this one.
Larry Frank Your Fired, you too Collins now get the hell away from my home state of NJ
The best starting 5 for the Nets
Best starting 5 in the NBA
7:53 am est

Monday, March 19, 2007

First off the Nets won last night, yes we beat a Team with 9 road wins all year long.
The neys are now in the 7th seed.
Boone another soild good game for you, you just could't put that dunk down huh? Thats ok.
I cant begin to say how much better you have gotten. I am so happy. You get those Boards, you play soild D, you can score down low, just add some muscle and you going to be really good.
Josh every game you play like this you are earning a role as a starter next season.
Josh you going to summer league this year?
Keep up the good work.
The fans
6:09 am est

Friday, March 16, 2007

I have come to learn what we get from Josh Boone, we get a baller, we get a player who has great skills for a big man, yes a rookie with skills. Josh can play that D ( Though I did not want to see him go uo vs Shaq, Sorry Boonie), he can get you those boards, block them shots, and he can score down low. What does Jason Collins do for 6 million a year? Play's D, But that is it. What about Cliffy, wait that guy is still playing, anit he like 40 years old?
I have said it time and time agian, Boonie work hard in the offseason, gain some muscle, and you will be starting here.
By the way the Nets lost last night and are now 6 games under .500 but still have the 7th seed in the east, it shows how weak the east really is.
Thanks for reading, and NJ enjoy that snow storm that is coming
The fans.
6:03 am est

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Josh you going to be a starter soon.
It's simple JB you gian say 20 pounds of muscle and countine to play like you have the past few games, and you going to be our PF. I know it's been a long season for you with the injury and all, but you are finally doing it.
CAN YOU PLEASE DUNK ON SHAQ for the Fans here?
Keep up the good work, and I have seen when you play well and lights on, the nets win and play hard and tuff. The nets need you more than ever.
Keep up the good work, big man.
Keep up the work Nets
Thanks for reading.
6:09 am est

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Moving right along
First off please note some of the new things on this site, we are trying to give it a face lift.
Your feedback is always welcomed, and plays a big part in the site.
Please note that there is a Message Board Page, and a Just pictures page now.
Now then
Boonie and the Nets moved right along last night in Memphis, Another good game by Boonie even in 7 Mins, Boonie has come a long way from where he was to where he is now.
We are so proud of you.
Kepp up the good work.
The fans
8:01 am est

Monday, March 12, 2007

Josh Can you do it agian?
Hey JB can you play agian tonight like you did Sat.?
If so this team will go a long way, play hard, tuff, physical, and mean.
You vs Gasol Tonight, go teach that spain Babby who is Boss, of course you are Boonie.
Just make sure you stop and say hi to Rudy Gay, and Hilton Armstrong on Tues.
Come on Josh you can do it, we all know you can
Enjoy Yourself, and best Luck
11:40 am est

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Josh You a baller
Josh Words can not answer my thoughts on how well you played last night, and You did it Vs Ducann, Nice Job Boone. Keep that Up and you will see good playing time, gain 20 pounds of Muscle and guess what the Nets have a true starting PF on the roster, Josh keep that up play like that every game.
But what the hell, The T's in the 3rd qtr, Kidd and Frank hitting the locker room early, Mikki with a T, Why? This is the NBA the Pro's, not college, not High School. Larry and Kidd you both need to look at yourself's, you should be ashmed, Knock it off.
Agian though Nice Work Boone, keep it up and you are going to make us all happy, you are key to the Nets in the future.
Thanks for reading
The fans
7:46 am est

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Tuff Pill to take.
Last night's game was tuff, it was. Is Hoston a good team yeah they are, but the Nets are not this bad. The nets the past few games have really not all been there they have not.
Wether it be VC'S Struggles or Kidd's strugles or what, this team i can now really say in my mind is done, and we have to play the supurs tonight people get out your will's as this game going to be really bad quick.
Now then Josh very nice effort last night vs Yao, Yeah i know you foulded out of the game, but hey they where good foul's vs Yao, All I ASK FROM YOU IS TO GAIN LIKE 20 POUNDS OF MUSCLE IN THE OFFSEASON, if you do that mark my words you start here, Dont worry about your O Game, is it helpfull yes it is, but foucs on D First, and then worry about your O.
Also nice job being 100% at the FT Line last night, can you keep it up?
Thanks for reading
The fans
7:09 am est

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Looking ahead to next season, i would like to talk about depth as a whole, and how i see the nets and the team as a whole.
First off I think VC will leave which will mean a big hole at SG, I bet on the nets drafted Brewer to fix that problem.
I also see Cliffy leaving, I see Collins getting his time on the bench, and Boone I see you starting only though if you work hard, get better and do what you know you have to do.
The way I look at it right now the starting 5 without VC next year should look something like this.
Boki, Collins, Williams, Wright, Adams all coming off the bench.
That is how I see things, laugh all you want now, but i will be saying I told you so come next year.
Thanks for reading
The Boone and Nets fans.
9:06 am est

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Come on Now.
It was a nice effort last night by the nets vs Dalls, in the end though it did not matter, as the nets lost.
Josh I was happy with the way you played D Last night, i thought you played very well, and also got a few boards, i was kind of upset with the way you played O, Dont make anything more hard then it needs to be if i want a revrse dunk, i will watch VC with it, We just need you to put it in, dont make it harder on yourself.
But overal, Josh you have come a long way, you have I think you are going to be a stater here by some time next season, you just got to work and work harder and you will do it, dont think diffrently, cause we all know and we all are cheering for you to start here and succed.
The Fans.
5:49 am est

Monday, March 5, 2007

How Pathetic have these last two games been? This team is too good and has to much talent to be this bad of team.
The Nets (28-32) now must play Dalls, SA, Houston, NO/OK City, Memphis. You could make the point that is 6 more losses meanning that we would be 28-38. At which point out of the playoff's there is no point in starting the starters.
At that point i think a starting 5 of Williams, Boki, Adams, Boone, and Moore would be ideal. The youngster's would gain so much experience for the future, and at least they would come to play.
Why LF did you get JB (Josh Boone) more playing time? I mean really how hard is it to do this.
Josh we feel for you, keep your head up your time may be coming sooner than you think.
Thanks for reading
the Fans
6:55 am est

Saturday, March 3, 2007

I dont know what to say, and now another reason why Larry Your Fired.
WTF Happend out there? This game was locked up and then We lost. I dont know what to say.
I know that it was not Boone's, Marcus's, Adams,Boki's fault, it was not Frank's fault.
What is missing here?
This was a game that we needed and should of won, now it gets really tuff and we must now pray to the god's.
Larry Frank, your players dont respond or listen to you, Does anyone listen to you? I am sorry Frank but the time has come, when the player's dont listen to you there is a problem that must be fixed.
Thank's for reading.
5:36 pm est

Hey Josh, Get in the game today
Yo Josh, you should and will be in the game today, you guys as a whole should be able to pick apart Boston, just play and play hard, beat them down low, in the post, on the boards, just beat them and Josh tell them who is the boss.
Just get in there ( Tell Larry, I said so) and play hard and harder, even if you dont, dont worry you will get your chance to shine soon.
Keep playing hard, and harder, and recall the saying the heck with the past, it allready happend.
Good luck and best wishes to you Josh the future starter and star at PF for the Nets.
The Fans.
8:48 am est

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Josh you Rule
Sorry I had to get that out, and today is a Slow day for any basketball news.
Josh as I have said time after time, you are by far the nicest player in the NBA, You are a good player who will get better, Keep treading water.
Also I was kind of surprised that you where majoring the same area that I was Crimnal Justice, guess two think alike huh?
I really cant say anything else, other than Josh keep working hard, and harder we all look forward to seeing you play some good time, you can do it, we know you can.
The Boone Fans.
6:11 am est

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