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Hello and welcome to the offical Site of Josh Boone Fans.
There will be upgrade's and changes on this site as I get more time to update it.
Please feel free to read my Blog's, contact me and just have fun.

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Marv, Ian or Mark could yell:
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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thanks Josh for a great Rookie Reg. Season
Nice way to end the season. We all know that it was a succesfull rookie year for you.
Keep up the great work in the playoffs.
Keep up the work in the offseason, and you will start next season. It is in your hands.
Best of luck
The fans
11:49 am est

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Someone earned there Pay check last night
All I can say is wow. The nets are the #6 seed, and will not face the Raps in the Playoffs.
Josh Boone came out big last night
15 Points, in 18 Mins 1 Board, 5-5 FG 5-9 FT'S
I think the nets have a new starting PF.
Way to go Joshua keep up the good work, and take care of them Raps.
8:12 am est

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Statement on the VT Shooting
The rencent shooting on the campus of VT is sad and down right pitfull. Myself, as well as the fans and the readers of this site send our thoughts, our hearts, and our minds are with those who where lost and hurt in the act of violence this past week. Make no doubts about it we grow stronger, and will grow stronger as a whole as a nation as one.
From this bad that we saw, I would like to show and say the good. The prof. who stod up to the coward gunman while saving his students life, while taking his. We should all be proud of that. The kind of act is one of a Hero, we all should take note of that, myself going into Law Enforcement will say that we all thank you for that act.
I would also like to peronally thank all the Police, Fire, and EMS who did the best they could.
Thank you and God bless the VT 32.
3:35 pm est

Lets close it out strong
Last game, game #82 vs the Bullshits lets close it out.
That means everyone, well expect Jason Collins. Lets go guys we can win, make #6 seed and go far. We are the nets, we are one, we are strong, we can and will.
Also Josh hope you are feeling better after those hits the other night, we know you are, as you are string and tuff.
3:24 pm est

Friday, April 13, 2007

Cowllins or Boone?
Hum, Let me start by asking you, if you are a GM who do you for thr future wish to build your NBA Team around Cowllins or Boone's Farm?
Cowllins makes 6 million a year, plays no O, cant make a dunk, cant shoot his FT'S, Plays OK D.
Boone makes a little more than a Million. Plays very well off the Pick and roll, has good mind sets, plays good D, Is young and a hustler.
Just think about that for a Sec.
Last night the Nets blew up the place, people did you smell that stentch last night? No it was not you it was your TV Sending stencth waves as the nets sucked.
The postives though where Boone's Farm's going 4-5 from FG range, 2-2 at the FT Line, and playing soild D
Cowllins, Uh No 0-1 From FG Range, 0-2 at the FT Line, and getting beat on D.
Lawrence Frank you need to wake up and see the difrences.
People dont worry come next season circle in a new PF in the name of Boone to start.
6:06 am est

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Thanks agan Josh
Josh just wanted to say thanks Agan for the Auto last night before the game.
Nice win last night, I was there and let me tell you the Refs bleeping sucked. The one was like a grey hair bum.
Cant wait to go back to more games next year.
Also very nice to see Boone had a Fan Club there last night. Boone's Buddies
11:45 am est

Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Two Headed Monster
The Nets have something here with the two Headed Monster of Marcus Williams and Josh Boone ( The Huskies). I always knew as others should of known that these two went hand and hand with eachother. This season has been up and down for both of these players
Josh shows promise gets hurts and now is getting back to the ole Boone
MWill showed promise all year, but has sadly been slowing down.
Is it so much to ask for both of these players to do what they do best together?
When Josh is out there MWill should be too, or vice versa.
Though Josh as of late has been getting it done with everyone.
Josh and Marcus ='s our future 1-2 Punch.
6:28 am est

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