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Hello and welcome to the offical Site of Josh Boone Fans.
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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Is Lawrence Frank Blind?
Dear Lawrence
 Are you legally blind? Why do you countine to start Collins and Allen, is Collins your sugur Boy? What good have you gotten out of these two? Now I know that Collins and his little more than 1 PPG avg is hard to do with out, but so what.
Sean Swat Williams and Josh J-Bizzy Boone need to be in the starting 5. As we saw on Friday night what can happen when these two are out there with J-Kidd, VC, and RJ the team can run and finish down low, plus a great inside presence.
Last night though we as Nets fans got stuck watching Allen and Collins, yuck anyone know where I can find a barf bag?
Now J-Bizzy and Swat got in and good things happend. It was J-Bizzy's block party on 8th ave last night.
J-Bizzy and Swat showed what they can do and why they need to start, did Lawrence see this too?
J-Bizzy finsihed with 10 Points, 6 boards, 2 Blocks last night.
Come on Larry, start the kid.
8:22 am est

With all do respect
With all do respect to Mike Brown and the Cavs, how dare you Disrespect J-Bizzy ( Josh Boone) like that. I am glad that Josh had the guts to stand up hit 2 of the 4 FT'S durring the so called Hack- A Josh time, and that Josh had the guts to not let anyone disrespect him like that.
Way to go Josh, stand up tall.
Nice game friday night with those 15 Points, and 8 boards, you and SWAT need to start now.
8:15 am est

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