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Regular readers of my blog will want to know who I am, and this is the place to tell them.
First off My Name is Dustin J Koch, I live in NJ at the Jersey shore, and getting my degree in Crimnal Justice.
I am also the #1 Josh Boone Fan

Josh Boone offical site

New Jersey Nets

I'll post all the basic information about me that I'm comfortable sharing, including things like my background and location.

About this blog

Here I'll describe why I started this blog and describe the topics I'm primarily interested in covering in it.


Josh giving Darko and the Magic a EL Dunko on a EL Darko

Josh Boone the offical site for his fan's. Josh Boone the future starter at PF for the New Jersey Nets
2008/2009 Nets basketball Presented by Vontage, a better way to phone for less.