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Devoted to Philadelphia's favorite son

Dr. Franklin

     There was much excitement in Philadelphia when Benjamin Franklin's 300th birthday arrived on March 15, 2006. (We're easily excited.)

     Ben had so many accomplishments that this quiz offers multiple choice challenges to pick the things Ben did not do:


1. Which of the following did Franklin not do before he was 25?


A. publish an almanac

B. publish his own poetry

C. edit a newspaper

D. live in London

E. work as a candle maker


2. Which of these things did Ben never do?


A. plan a spelling bee

B. print a menu

C. detonate explosives electrically

D. suggest mineral fertilizers

E. propose that the 13 colonies unite


3. Which of the following did Ben not do first in America?


A. chart the gulf stream

B. draw a newspaper cartoon

C. suggest daylight saving

D. produce oxygen

E. grow rhubarb


4. Which of these universities did not give Ben an honorary degree?


A.  Yale

B.  Harvard

C.  Princeton

D.  Oxford

E.  Beaver


5. Which of these jobs did Ben never have?


A. dry goods salesman

B. army colonel

C. teacher

D. printer

E. city councilman


6. Which of these words is Ben not believed to have originated?


A. colonize

B. scientist

C. unshakable

D. electrician

E. armature


7. Which of these did Ben not help found the first one in America?


A. fire fighting company

B. insurance company

C. hospital

D. post office

E. free library


8. Ben is not credited with inventing which of the following?


A. swim fins

B. bifocals

C. banjo

D. odometer

E. clothes mangle


9. Which of these languages did Ben not teach himself to read?


A.  French

B.  Italian

C.  Spanish

D.  Latin

E.  Greek


10. Which of the following is not true?


A. Ben had an illegitimate son

B. Ben's illegitimate son was governor of New Jersey

C. Ben's illegitimate son had an illegitimate son

D. Ben's illegitimate grandson had an illegitimate son

E. Ben's illegitimate grandson had two illegitimate daughters


[Answers are at the bottom of the Betsy Ross House page.]  Don't cheat.]

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