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This page of animal sculptures is for photos of my ooak needle felted birds. OOAK meaning is One of A Kind. Handmade needle felted bird sculptures are one of the newer types of aimals to be added to my needle felting ventures :) Owls, a vulture, a turkey, and tropical birds are among those already added. Coming soon are pelicans, dollhouse size songbirds and more! If there's a certain kind or new bird species you'd like to buy, or a miniature 'feathered' friend pet you'd like for your doll, send in a request for a custom sculpture for a 3-D likeness pet portrait of your bird.

A miniature needle felted bird, an owl shown perched on fingers.

While the sculptures in these pictures have been sold, I do take requests for custom animal sculptures of your pet, parrot, finch, any species of bird, dog, cat, or other animal. I can also make wild birds like songbirds and owls for your dollhouse. As an artist, I like the challenge of trying something new & find enjoyment in creating each handmade sculpture as they are all unique, even if it's a species I've made before :)
Watch my eBay auctions to be notifed of upcoming felted birds and all future needle felted animal sculptures. Go to eBay and click "Add to Favorite Sellers" in one of my ebay auctions or use the link below:
Soon to be added, my a Ruby Macaw, Sulphur Crested, & Moluccan Cocatoos, a Blue Front, & a Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot. Now avialble for custom request, are are a tiny dollhouse sized songbirds like the red Male & tan Female Northern Cardinal pair :)

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I haven't any idea how one can possibly properly thank an artist for giving of their talent, creativity, and imagination to another. - Thank you, for taking my small project and giving it life and beauty. - Judi, WA

I own copyrights to all my atrwork and images of it. Do not repost photos without my permission. Please include a link back to my webpage :)

Above: One of my custom sculpted miniature owls is included in this creative Nativity Scene, part of a larger Christmas Village display. Below: A close up of the tiny Long Horned Owl from the Nativity.

Handmade miniature dollhouse sized songbirds, a needle felted male & female Northern Cardinal pair. Custom made dollhouse birds are available for sale, contact me if interested. SOLD

A needle felted pair of perching parrots, a red Greenwing Macaw & Blue and Gold or Blue and Yellow Macaw sculptures. These handmade miniature birds are small enough to hold both on one hand, perched on a finger. These Custom Bird Sculptures SOLD

Mini needle felted dollhouse sized Raven, this tiny black bird SOLD
A custom request ooak pair of handmade miniature Crows, bird customs available. SOLD
A handmade bird sculpture of a Snowy Owl with narrowed yellow eyes and subtle spotting. This needle felted owl bird SOLD

Mini needle felted Nanday Conure on a moss perch. This bird is a small parrot with green body, black head, and shades of blue on the wings & tail SOLD

A mini needle felted Great Grey Owl, or Strix nebulosa, aka Lapland Owl or Lapp Owl. The Great Grey Owl's long tail & thick feathers can make this species look much larger than it is. SOLD on eBay.

A needle felted mini bird sculpture of a needle felted Barred Owl with handmade polymer clay Pumpkin. SOLD on eBay.

Needle felted Great Horned Owl. This mini raptor bird sculpture was made using a hand blended mixture of many colors of natural sheep's wool. Soft mohair covers the 'feathered' feet. SOLD on eBay.

A needle felted Whooping Crane mini sculpture with armature in the neck to allow for some pose-ability. This wading bird is an endangered species native to North America. SOLD on eBay.

A needle felted American Goldfinch bird. This yellow and black songbird has white areas on his wings and just under his rump and sits on a perch decorated with pink flowers. SOLD on eBay.

Needle felted Bald Eagle. Wool, wire, & polymer clay used in this sculpture. Tiny pale yellow glass eyes for added realism. Blended fibers in shades of brown meticulously felted to create individual feathers. 1:12th scale size dollhouse miniature realistic bird of prey can sit on a finger as pictured. Perch in a tree or in a patriotic 4th of July holiday scene. SOLD on eBay.

A needle felted Great Egret, non-breeding plumage. Did you know? The Great White Heron, a white form of the Great Blue Heron, is a different species of wading bird. The Great Egret is a liitle smaller and has dark black legs. Wool, wire, & wood were used in this sculpture; teeny tiny eyes are carefully hand painted metal. This little 1:12 size dollhouse miniature would look great next to a mini koi pond or natural lake. SOLD on eBay.
For the birdwatchers: wondering if you saw a heron or an egret?
Egrets on

A soft sculpture of a needle felted Congo African Grey Parrot, 1-12th or 1 inch scale with wire feet and handsculpted polymer clay beak. This tiny bird is shown perched on a finger. These intelligent birds and other species are becoming rarer in the wild due to wild birds being illegally taken for the pet trade. Did you know? There are many pet birds in shelters need of adoption. You can adopt parrots and other birds, find your new friend at SOLD on eBay.

A lifesize needle felted Ruby-Throated Hummingbird sculpture sitting on a perch with mulberry paper flowers in shades of pink. Shiny fibers were included for a natural look. This tiny Rubythroat bird also has glass eyes, a wooden toothpick beak. SOLD on eBay.
Can you find my previous life sized sculpture on this site?

Made to celebrate spring, a tiny yellow needle felted Chick. This miniature bird is detailed with polymer clay beak with nostrils and mouth and thread wrapped wire legs and wings that can be raised. A cute little baby Chicken SOLD on eBay.

1:6th sized needle felted Lovebird pair on a mossy branch perch stand. This sculpture shows two of the colorful mini parrots found in Africa, a blue variation of the Masked Lovebird, aka Blue Masked, and a wild type colored Fischer's, a colorful combination of two eye ring species of love birds. SOLD on eBay.

A 1:12 dollhouse sized needle felted Toco Toucan, a bird native to South America. Did you know? The blue ring around the eye, like the orange ring that surrounds it, is actually skin, not the iris. SOLD on eBay.

Needle felted Wild Turkey. My first needle felted bird sculpture with moveable wings. Unlike the domestic bird, Wild Turkeys are leaner & more muscular & can fly 50 mph. Domestic fowl are often too heavy for flight & have reduced walking & running ability, one reason organic farmers opt for "heritage" breeds. Typical color of Eastern Wild Turkeys is dark, domestics are usually white. Fun fact: Turkeys can extend & retract the fleshy snood on top of the beak, & along with the wattle, change its color. What may be seen as just an unattractive ornament is used for communication, ex: a bright red extended wattle can be a display for females or ward of males or enemies. SOLD on eBay.

Special Halloween acution, hand sculpted needle felted Turkey Vulture & handmade polymer clay severed hand in a pool of blood. Clay 'blood' semi-flexible for durability. No molds,  polymer clay hand and Buzzard's head fully sculpted by hand & handpainted. Bird with tiny glass eyes. Wire legs may be gently adjusted, 1:12 scale size bird for dollhouses or 1/12 dolls. Great for Halloween theme or horror mystery scene. SOLD on eBay.

Needle felted Snowy Owl with tiny handpainted bright yellow glass eyes & handsculpted polymer clay beak. Wire legs, 'feathered' with mohair, may be gently adjusted for placement in your scene. 1:12 scale size bird to fit dollhouses or 1/12 dolls. SOLD on eBay.
Did you know? Hedwig from the Harry Potter series is a Snowy Owl. Fun fact: Female Snowy Owls are marked with black bars while Male Snowy Owls have fewer, lighter bars & can be pure white like this one. When the popular movie owl was portrayed by a white owl, the 'female' pet was auctally played by a male bird.

Needle felted Barn Owl shown with dime coin in photo for comparison. This 1:12 scale size bird to fit dollhouses or 1/12 dolls. Great for a Halloween theme or night scene. Wonderful addition to your miniature dollhouse owlery. Black Swarovski Pearl crystal glass beads eyes, tiny beak handsculpted polymer clay. Thread wrapped wire legs may be gently adjusted for placement in your scene. SOLD on eBay.

Needle felted Tawny Owl. These little brown owls are often shown sitting with legs bent, making them seem shorter than that are. A mostly static sculpture, the legs on this mini owl are extendable. SOLD on eBay.


Watch my ebay auctions to be notifed of my upcoming felted birds:

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