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“ …the next thing I knew, I was in a room, crouched in a corner of the ceiling. I could see my body below me…. I could see the doctors and nurses working on me. My doctor was there and so was Sandy, one of the nurses. I heard Sandy say, ‘I wish we didn’t have to do this.’ I wondered what they were doing…. I heard a doctor say, ‘Stand back,’ and then he pushed a button [which sent an electrical shock through the body]…. Suddenly, I was back inside my body. One minute I was looking down at my face. I could see the tops of the doctors’ heads. After he pushed that button, I was suddenly looking into a doctor’s face.”

Closer To The Light


“Boy, I sure didn’t realize that I looked like that! You know, I’m only used to seeing myself in the pictures or from the front of a mirror, and both of those look flat. But all of a sudden there I — or my body — was and I could see it. I could definitely see it, full view, from about five feet away. It took me a few minutes to recognize myself.”

Life After Life


“Bang, I left! The next thing I was aware of was floating on the ceiling…. From where I was looking, I could look down on this enormous fluorescent light… and it was so dirty on top of the light…. And I remember thinking, ‘Got to tell the nurses about that.’”

Heading Toward Omega