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Life Review In Science

“It was like I knew everything that was stored in my brain. Everything I’d ever known about from the beginning of my life I immediately knew about. And also what was kind of scary was that I knew everybody else in the room knew I knew and that there was no hiding anything — the good times, the bad times, everything…. I had a total clear knowledge of everything…. I realized that there are things that every person is sent to earth to realize and to learn…. Every single thing that you do in your life is recorded and that even though you pass it by not thinking at the time, it always comes up later. For instance, you may be… at a stoplight and you’re in a hurry and the lady in front of you, when the light turns green, doesn’t take right off, [she] doesn’t notice the light, and you get upset and start honking your horn and telling [her] to hurry up. Those are the little kind of things that are recorded that you don’t realize at the time are really important.”

Heading Toward Omega