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Oalm HaTechiah ("World of Resurrection")

The World of Resurrection, "no eye has seen," the Talmud remarks,1 - not even those who have passed on to the next world, Olam HaBah. It's a world, according to most authorities, where the body and soul are reunited to live eternally in a truly perfected state. That world will only first come into being after the Messiah and will be initiated by an event known as the "Great Day of Judgment,"(Yom HaDin HaGadol)2 The World of Resurrection is thus the ultimate reward, a place where the body becomes eternal and spiritual, while the soul becomes even more so.3



1. Sanhedrin 99a.
2. Ramban, Shaar HaGemul.

3. Derech Hashem 1:3:13.

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