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The Great Day Of Judgment
Ramban (Nachmanides), one of the greatest authorities in Jewish Tradition, citing Talmudic and Midrashic sources, writes in his Shaar HaGemul (Gate Of Reward) that there are three judgment days, i.e. three times the soul is judged:

1) Rosh Hashannah, which reviews the past year and determines material circumstances for the upcoming year;

2) Day of death, which reviews the deceased's life (life review) and determines whether it goes to Gehinnom or Paradise.

3) The Great Day of Judgment, (Yom HaDin HaGadol) which is when all who lived are resurrected, the righteous for everlasting life (in a spiritualized physical world, according to the Ramban) and the wicked for termination. There will also apparently be different degrees of reward (i.e. experiencing the Presence of God) in this renewed, Resurrected World after the Great Judgment Day, all depending on one's life's actions.

It has been asked: If a person is judged at his death as to his status in the World to Come what is the purpose of the Great Day of Judgment? One answer given is that after a person dies all the children, all the good and bad deeds and influences he had on others are "still in motion." Only at the end of history can the "final tally" be made, then, as to the impact a person had on the world in his or her life.

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