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  • What is different about the experience of the soul before going through this world and after? Go to answer.
  • If, through reincarnation, there are unlimited "chances" at life, doesn't this negate the necessity of living according to Torah commandments? Go to answer.
  • If God is just, is it fair to allow some people several chances at life and others but one? Will souls denied entry to the World of Resurrection not be justified to rail against G-d for His inequitable treatment? Go to answer.
  • Am I responsible for the sins I did in a past life? Go to anwswer.
  • At the Resurrection, if God is going to reunite body and soul, which body will the reincarnated soul inhabit? Go to answer.
  • What's the source for the Jewish custom to say Kaddish (the Mourner's Prayer), and why is it said for 11 months? Go to answer.
  • Where's the justice in really bad people, like terrorists, many of whom enjoy a nice life, living and then dying happy in the knowledge they murdered someone for their cause. Is that their reward from God for being so good in a past life? Go to answer.